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    • Coos Bay : Downtown urban renewal plan (2004) 

      Coos Bay (Or.); Tashman Johnson LLC (City of Coos Bay (Or.), 2004-02)
      [T]he Plan's basic philosophy incorporates the following tenets: 1. Flexibility to meet unknown future needs. 2. Conservative financial management. 3. Cooperation with private enterprise. [From the Plan]
    • Coos Bay : Empire District urban renewal plan (2008) 

      Coos Bay (Or.); Benkendorf Associates; Moore, Briethaupt & Associates; Richard P. Turi Architecture (City of Coos Bay (Or.), 2008-06-17)
      The [Plan] is being prepared to further encourage rehabilitation and redevelopment that is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations adopted by the City Council. [From the Plan]
    • Coos Bay : Hollering Place master plan 

      Coos Bay (Or.). Urban Renewal Agency; Coos Bay (Or.); PB PlaceMaking; Johnson Gardner; Oregon Downtown Development Association; Bramare Landscape Architecture (City of Coos Bay (Or.), 2008-12-02)
      More often than not, master plans are developed based on a vision and not market realities. This master plan moves previous planning efforts forward by market testing assumptions and concepts, incorporating developer ...
    • Coos Bay : Housing needs analysis final report (2009) 

      Cogan Owens Cogan (Firm); Angelo Planning Group; Coos Bay (Or.) (City of Coos Bay (Or.), 2009-06-17)
      The following steps have been taken to ensure that the City of Coos Bay meets [state] objectives: Conducted an inventory of "buildable" land within the City's UGB that is zoned to allow for housing development; identified ...
    • Coos Bay : Land use and design guidelines for the Hollering Place 

      Oregon Downtown Development Association; Coos Bay (Or.); Bramare Landscape Architecture; PB PlaceMaking (City of Coos Bay (Or.), 2008-12-02)
      The existing zoning on the Hollering Place site does not fit its future use as outlined in the master plan. Currently, the bluff is zoned General Commercial and the portion of the lower site that is above the high water ...