Global Talk: The First UO Multilingual Publication


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Global Talk is a monthly publication involving undergraduate language students of all levels, as well as instructors and language professors [who operate as promoters and/or supporters of the project in their language classes], and graduate students. Undergraduate students act as reporters, writers, researchers, or web designers. Global Talk is based on monthly topics of interest for all languages and includes several sections in both English and the target language. One of the main purposes of this project is to involve students and anybody interested in language and culture, providing a practical opportunity for anyone to actively write and submit articles to be published in the target language.

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Recent Submissions

  • Unknown author (University of Oregon, 2009)
  • Unknown author (University of Oregon, 2009)
  • Unknown author (University of Oregon, December , 2008)
  • Unknown author (University of Oregon, October , 2008)
  • Unknown author (University of Oregon, June , 2008)