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Recent Submissions

  • Allard, Carolyn B. (Carolyn Brigitte), 1968-; Freyd, Jennifer J.; Momiyama, Takenori (August , 2004)
  • Freyd, Jennifer J.; Klest, Bridget K. (Bridget Kristen); Allard, Carolyn B. (Carolyn Brigitte), 1968- (August , 2004)
  • Klest, Bridget K. (Bridget Kristen); Freyd, Jennifer J. (November , 2004)
  • DePrince, Anne P.; Allard, Carolyn B. (Carolyn Brigitte), 1968-; Oh, Hannah; Freyd, Jennifer J. (November , 2004)
  • Cromer, Lisa D.; Freyd, Jennifer J. (November , 2004)