Creswell : Comprehensive plan

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Title: Creswell : Comprehensive plan
Author: Creswell (Or.)
Abstract: The Comprensive Plan proposals are general in nature and provide development guidance and strategies for the City of Creswell and its projected urbanizing area. In addition, the plan proposals address the community issues and opportunities, community goals and objectives as adopted by the Creswell Citizens Involvement Committee (CIC) and goals established under Oregon Revised Statutes related to Comprehensive Land Use Planning and Comprehensive Planning Coordination (ORS 227, ORS 215 and ORS 197). [From the Plan]
Description: Item includes three files: 1) Comprehensive plan. 119 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Referenced map not included. Adopted September 13, 1982. Captured January 15, 2008; 2) Creswell proposed plan designations A-3 Rev [map]. 1 p. Printed January 10, 2008. Captured July 16, 2009; 3) Creswell plan designations [map]. 1 p. Printed January 4, 2006. Captured July 16, 2009.
Date: 1982-09-13

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