Corvallis : West Corvallis - North Philomath plan

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Title: Corvallis : West Corvallis - North Philomath plan
Author: Corvallis (Or.); Philomath (Or.); Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments; Girling, Cynthia L.; Benton County (Or.)
Abstract: This Plan has four main purposes: to provide a vision for the long-range development of West Corvallis and North Philomath that reflects the aspirations of the community and to establish goals and policies for accomplishing that vision; to enable the City of Corvallis, the City of Philomath and Benton County to reach agreement on overall land use and development policies and standards applicable to their respective jurisdictions; to provide a basis for judging whether specific development proposals and public projects are in harmony with Plan policies and consistent with the concept of a sustainable community; and to allow City and County development departments, other public agencies and private developers to design projects that will enhance the character of the community, promote bicycling, walking and transit use, preserve and enhance critical environmental resources, and minimize hazards to development. [From the Plan]
Description: 86 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Includes maps and figures. Published July 1996; most recent activity (memorandum) January 28, 1999. Captured January 11, 2008.
Date: 1999-01-28

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