Hillsboro : Evergreen concept plan

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Title: Hillsboro : Evergreen concept plan
Author: Hillsboro (Or.); Angelo Planning Group; CH2M Hill, inc.; Leland Consulting Group; DKS Associates; Pam Baker Consulting
Abstract: The following is a summary of the objectives and expected outcomes of the Evergreen Concept Plan planning process: compliance with Metro’s Concept Planning requirements and the conditions that the Metro Council placed on the area; recommendation for industrial land uses and design concepts that demonstrate how the area can develop in an efficient manner; integration of the Shute Road Concept Plan with the Evergreen Road Concept Plan; identification of public facility and infrastructure needed to support industrial development; participation and involvement of stakeholders and property owners in shaping the development and design concepts and implementation steps; demonstration of market feasibility, strengths, opportunities, conditions and requirements to achieve the industrial development concepts; and completion of implementation steps including comprehensive plan and zoning ordinances, annexation strategies and management plans and tools. [From the Plan]
Description: 517 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Includes maps and figures. Published November 6, 2007. Captured February 1, 2008.
URI: http://www.evergreen-helvetia.org/downloads/EvergreenConceptPlan_Final.pdf
Date: 2007-11-06

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