West Linn : Vision statement for the Willamette Neighborhood

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Title: West Linn : Vision statement for the Willamette Neighborhood
Author: West Linn (Or.); Willamette Neighborhood Association
Abstract: Prioritized Efforts in partnership with City of West Linn: 1. Develop code language for the transitional zone which incorporates business and residential uses 2. Sidewalk Plan Implemented 3. Create an Inter-Neighborhood planning group to develop a vision and action plan for use and access of Willamette Falls area. 4. Traffic Control Plan Developed and Initiated 5. Become a Certified Local Government to enable Willamette neighbors to request grant funds for historic preservation 6. Aggressive exploration of funding sources for Willamette’s vision. [From the Plan]
Description: 11 pp. Adopted May 23, 2005. Captured February 28, 2007.
URI: http://www.ci.west-linn.or.us/Services/Planning/longrange/Willamette%20Neighborhood%20Plan.pdf
Date: 2005-05-23

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