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This site provides a forum for showcasing the work of individual faculty members. Faculty may have their work archived here as well as with their departments or institutes.

Faculty interested in establishing a collection for themselves in Scholars' Bank are invited to contact, Scholars' Bank team, University of Oregon Libraries.

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Recent Submissions

  • Leiserowitz, Anthony; Robin, Gregory; Failing, Lee (Decision Research, 2006)
  • Leiserowitz, Anthony; Craciun, Jean (Decision Research, 2006)
  • Lin, Shuyeu; Slovic, Paul (Decision Research, August , 2003)
  • Finucane, Melissa (Decision Research, November , 2000)
  • Slovic, Paul; MacGregor, Donald; Peters, Ellen (Decision Research, March 11, 1998)
  • MacGregor, Donald; Slovic, Paul; Race, Margaret (Decision Research, 1998)
  • Satterfield, Terre; Johnson, Stephen; Neil, Nancy; Slovic, Paul (Decision Research, August , 1997)
  • Gregory, Robin; Satterfield, Terre (Decision Research, September 30, 1998)
  • MacGregor, Donald; Slovic, Paul (Decision Research, November 15, 2000)
  • MacGregor, Donald; Race, Margaret (Decision Research, February , 2001)
  • Satterfield, Terre; Roberts, Mere; Henare, Mark; Finucane, Melissa; Benton, Richard; Henare, Manuka (Decision Research, May , 2005)
  • Slovic, Paul; Gregory, Robin (Decision Research, 2015)
  • Slovic, Paul; Satterfield, Theresa; Mertz, C. K.; Flynn, James (Decision Research, September 4, 1996)
  • MacGregor, Donald (Decision Research, July , 1994)
  • Lichtenstein, Sarah (Decision Research, November , 1984)
  • MacGregor, Donald (Decision Research, December , 1984)
  • Fischhoff, Baruch (Decision Research, May , 1985)
  • Fischhoff, Baruch; Johnson, Stephen (Decision Research, April , 1986)

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