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    • Regional parks and recreation facilities plan : needs and opportunities (1975) 

      Salem (Or.); Polk County (Or.); Marion County (Or.); Regional Park and Recreation Agency (Or.) (Regional Park and Recreation Agency of the Mid-Willamette Valley (Salem, Or.), 1975-05)
      The purpose of this work effort is to prepare an effective plan and program to guide the Regional Parks and Recreation Agency in meeting the Parks and Recreation needs of the citizens of Marion and Polk Counties and the ...
    • Port Orford : Comprehensive plan 

      Port Orford (Or.) (City of Port Orford (Or.), 1975-07)
      This plan represents the efforts of citizens in Port Orford to bring together information about the community that can be used as a guide for the future of the city. [From the Plan]
    • Eugene : Eugene-Springfield transportation alternatives 

      Lane Council of Governments (Or.); Springfield (Or.); Eugene (Or.) (Lane Council of Governments (Or.), 1975-09)
      This report presents and discusses the six general transportation alternatives but does not attempt to select one of them for further development at this time as an actual master plan. Instead it is intended that ...
    • Eugene: Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area general plan (1976) 

      Eugene (Or.); Lane Council of Governments (Or.); Springfield (Or.) (Lane Council of Governments, 1976-04)
      [T]he General Plan, which is long-range, comprehensive and focused on physical development, provides a flexible guide for specific developmental decision making. It does not, in itself, set down the decisions. [From the Plan]
    • Culver : Comprehensive plan 

      Culver (Or.); Tenneson Engineering Corp. (City of Culver (Or.), 1977-06)
      This plan: shall be adopted by the City governing body; shall be an expression of public policy in the form of policy statements, land use maps and guidelines; shall be based upon factual data; shall be prepared to assure ...
    • Dufur : Comprehensive plan 

      Dufur (Or.); Tenneson Engineering Corp. (City of Dufur (Or.), 1977-06-21)
      The Dufur City Planning Commission, as authorized by the City Council, is designated to formulate and recommend for adoption by the Council a Comprehensive Plan guiding the future development of the City. The Comprehensive ...
    • Tigard : Environmental design and open space plan (1977) 

      Tigard (Or.) (City of Tigard (Or.), 1977-08-08)
      This Plan recognizes the value of the natural environment and attempts to establish the degree of respect due the land. This is accomplished through a process of using nature as the major guide to land development... ...
    • Portland : Corbett, Terwilliger, and Lair Hill policy plan 

      Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 1977-09)
      Though the Planning Area is treated as a whole for some purposes, such as traffic planning, for other purposes such as land use and zoning, the division into neighborhoods facilitates discussion of specific problems.... ...
    • Mt. Angel : Comprehensive plan (1977) 

      Graafstra, Ron J.; Mount Angel (Or.) (City of Mount Angel (Or.), 1977-09-12)
      This document should be considered an official statement of the City of Mt. Angel. The Comprehensive Plan sets forth goals, objectives and policies and makes recommendations to guide the future physical development of ...
    • Lane County : A housing plan and action program for Lane County, Report III (1977) 

      Lane County (Or.); Lane County (Or.). Dept. of Environmental Management. Division of Planning; Johnson, James R. (Lane County (Or.), 1977-10)
      The document presents recommendations on a Housing Plan (goals and policies) and a Housing Action Program for Lane County. [From the Plan]
    • Portland : Northwest District policy plan 

      Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland (Or.) (City of Portland (Or.), 1977-11)
      On July 2, 1975, the City Council adopted the Northwest District Policy Plan, setting decisions regarding land uses and development in the District. Additional decisions are required in order to reinforce those already ...
    • Eugene : Eugene Springfield 2000 transportation plan (1977) 

      Lane Council of Governments (Or.); Springfield (Or.); Eugene (Or.) (Lane Council of Governments (Or.), 1977-11)
      This report is the Eugene-Springfield Area 2000 Transportation Plan, prepared by the Lane Council of Governments Transportation Planning Committee and recommended by that body for official adoption. Public review and ...
    • Aumsville : Comprehensive plan (1977) 

      Aumsville (Or.); Mid Willamette Valley Council of Governments (City of Aumsville (Or.), 1977-11)
      The plan describes goals, objectives, and policies of Aumsville's residents and elected and appointed officials with respect to guiding decision-making for future development. [From the Plan]
    • Eugene : Pedestrian report (1977) 

      Eugene (Or.); Eugene (Or.). Public Works Dept.; Eugene (Or.). Planning Dept. (City of Eugene (Or.), 1977-12)
      As part of its transportation planning process, Eugene has decided to place greater emphasis on the walking mode in future transportation systems. This report, prepared in conjunction with the Eugene-Springfield Area ...
    • Prineville : Comprehensive plan 

      Prineville (Or.); Crook County (Or.) (Crook County (Or.), 1978)
      The following policies were in the Crook County Prineville Area Comprehensive Plan, enacted 1978. These policies for the City of Prineville are removed from the main text of the Crook County Plan and placed in this special ...
    • Eugene : 2000 transportation plan technical report (1978) 

      Eugene (Or.); Springfield (Or.); Lane Council of Governments (Or.). Transportation Planning Committee; Lane Council of Governments (Or.) (Lane Council of Governments (Or.), 1978-01)
      [T]his document is a series of discussions that review some of the underlying assumptions used, and some of the alternatives developed in preparing the Transportation Plan. In this manner, the public can see some of the ...
    • Adrian : Comprehensive plan (1978) 

      Adrian (Or.); Malheur County (Or.) (Malheur County (Or.), 1978-02)
      The policies outlined in the plan will be the guides for any change and development in the community and will serve as the base of any future city rules and ordinances. [From the Plan]
    • Grass Valley : Comprehensive plan 

      Grass Valley (Or.); Mid-Columbia Economic Development District; Sherman County Planning Commission (City of Grass Valley (Or.), 1978-04)
      [The Plan] is designed to do several things: to insure the future livability, so that Grass Valley is at least as nice to live in the future, if not better than it is today; to manage future growth and development so that ...
    • Rufus : Comprehensive plan (1978) 

      Rufus (Or.); Mid-Columbia Economic Development District (City of Rufus (Or.), 1978-05)
      This comprehensive plan was developed for the City of Rufus to serve as the guiding document for all future land use decisions. [From the Plan]
    • Antelope : Comprehensive plan 

      Antelope (Or.); Mid-Columbia Economic Development District (City of Antelope (Or.), 1978-05)
      This comprehensive plan was developed for the City of Antelope to serve as the guiding document for all future land use decision. It is designed to do several things: to insure the future livability, so that Antelope ...