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    • Eugene: Park Blocks master plan 

      Eugene (Or.); PIVOT Architecture (Firm); Walker-Macy (City of Eugene (Or.), 2006-10)
      The Master Plan assumes that improvements to the Park Blocks will be incremental. It establishes guidelines for the gradual implementation of the complete vision. [From the Plan]
    • Madras : Parks and open space master plan 

      Walker-Macy; Madras (Or.) (City of Madras (Or.), 2004-11)
      This master plan for Madras Parks and Open Space, the first for this community, serves to inventory current local resources and conditions, identify specific issues important to the City and its residents and present an ...
    • Madras : Urban revitalization action plan 

      Leland Consulting Group; Madras (Or.); Walker-Macy (City of Madras (Or.), 2005-02)
      Mission [of this Plan]: To prepare a strategy for the future development of land, buildings and parks in the Madras Urban Renewal District, which encourages the efficient use of public funds to develop a unique identity ...
    • Oregon City : Waterfront master plan 

      Walker-Macy; Oregon City (Or.) (City of Oregon City (Or.), 2002-01-04)
      [T]he City of Oregon City set forth the following goals for the Waterfront Master Plan Study: enhance habitat and riparian areas; integrate open spaces; create development themes; increase employment opportunities; ...
    • Portland : Gateway green streets master plan (2008) 

      Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Environmental Services; KPFF Consulting Engineers; Landsman Transportation Planning; Walker-Macy; Portland Development Commission; Portland (Or.). Office of Transportation; Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 2008-02)
      This report begins with a brief summary of the project background and context, followed by the City’s Green Street Goals. The process for this effort is then summarized along with the team’s approach to Green Street Design ...
    • Redmond : Downtown plan 

      Redmond (Or.); Walker-Macy; Barney & Worth, Inc.; Steele Associates Architects; Hickman, Williams & Associates (City of Redmond (Or.), 2000-08)
      In August 1995, the Redmond City Council established an urban renewal district which includes the downtown area, the 5th and 6th Street corridor north of downtown, some industrial lands, and the former Deschutes ...
    • Silverton : Downtown parking study 

      Walker-Macy; Urbsworks; Silverton (Or.); Kittelson & Associates (City of Silverton (Or.), 1998-11)
      This study was conducted to address downtown business and civic community concerns for providing sufficient, convenient parking for customers, residents and employees. With the future opening of the Oregon Garden, and the ...