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  • Markowitz, Ezra; Slovic, Paul; Vastfjall, Daniel; Hodges, Sara (Society for Judgment and Decision Making, 2013-07)
    Compassion shown towards victims often decreases as the number of individuals in need of aid increases, identifiability of the victims decreases, and the proportion of victims helped shrinks. Such “compassion fade” may ...
  • Wiss, Johanna; Andersson, David; Slovic, Paul; Vastfjall, Daniel; Tinghog, Gustav (Decision Research, 2015-09)
    There is an increased willingness to help identified individuals rather than non-identified, and the effect of identifiability is mainly present when a single individual rather than a group is presented. However, identifiability ...
  • Dickert, Stephan; Kleber, Janet; Vastfjall, Daniel; Slovic, Paul (PLoS ONE, 2016-02-09)
    One of the puzzling phenomena in philanthropy is that people can show strong compassion for identified individual victims but remain unmoved by catastrophes that affect large numbers of victims. Two prominent findings in ...
  • Kogut, Tehila; Slovic, Paul; Vastfjall, Daniel (Journal of Experimental Psychology: General., 2015-09-14)
    The singularity effect of identifiable victims refers to people’s greater willingness to help a single concrete victim, as compared with a group of victims experiencing the same need. We present three studies exploring ...

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