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  • The Adoption History Project 

    Herman, Ellen (University of Oregon, 2003-06)
    Adoption is a significant public and private issue. This site is based on the conviction that history is an indispensable resource for understanding the personal, political, legal, social, scientific, and human dimensions ...
  • The impact and acceptability of Canadian-style cigarette warning labels among U.S. smokers and nonsmokers 

    Peters, Ellen; Romer, Daniel; Slovic, Paul; Jamieson, Kathleen Hall; Wharfield, Leisha M.; Mertz, C. K.; Carpenter, Stephanie M. (2007)
  • Discrimination, vulnerability, and justice in the face of risk 

    Satterfield, Theresa A.; Mertz, C.K.; Slovic, Paul (2004)
    Recent research finds that perceived risk is closely associated with race and gender. In surveys of the American public a subset of white males stand out for their uniformly low perceptions of environmental health risks, ...
  • Coping with stigma: Challenges & opportunities 

    Kunreuther, Howard; Slovic, Paul (1999)
    This final section considers what can be done to cope with stigma. Kunreuther and Slovic identify four strategies for coping with stigma. Walker, in a response to Kunreuther and Slovic, questions the assumption that society ...
  • Perceptions of ecological risk from natural hazards 

    Axelrod, Lawrence J.; McDaniels, Timothy; Slovic, Paul (1999)
    This study examines lay perceptions of ecological risk (risk to the health and productivity of natural environments) associated with natural hazards. Ratings of 30 specific characteristics influencing risk judgments and ...
  • Teen Health Care Decisions : How Maturity and Social Policy Affect Four Hard Cases 

    Harris, Leslie Joan (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2017-05-10)
    Legal standards that allow teens to make health care decisions, or any important decisions, must account for the contingency and variability of minors’ capacity. Traditional law denied minors’ legal authority to make any ...
  • The risk game 

    Slovic, Paul (1998)
    In the context of health, safety, and environmental decisions, the concept of risk involves value judgments that reflect much more than just the probability and consequences of the occurrence of an event. This article ...
  • Insensitivity to the Value of Human Life: A Study of Psychophysical Numbing 

    Fetherstonhaugh, David; Slovic, Paul; Johnson, Stephen M.; Friedrich, James (1997)
    A fundamental principle of psychophysics is that people's ability to discriminate change in a physical stimulus diminishes as the magnitude of the stimulus increases. We find that people also exhibit diminished sensitivity ...
  • Risk perception and trust: Challenges for facility siting 

    Slovic, Paul; Kunreuther, Howard; MacGregor, Donald (1996)
    The challenges associated with siting new waste facilities revolve around perceptions of the health, safety and environmental risks by the different interested parties. This paper stresses the importance of establishing ...
  • Health risk perception in Canada I: Rating hazards, sources of information and responsibility for health protection 

    Krewski, Daniel; Slovic, Paul; Bartlett, Sheryl; Flynn, James; Mertz, C. K. (1995)
    A national survey of 1500 Canadians was carried out to assess public perception of health risks. Questionnaire items focused on ratings of perceived risk, sources of information on health risks and responsibility for risk ...
  • Trust, emotion, sex, politics, and science: Surveying the risk-assessment battlefield 

    Slovic, Paul (1999)
    Risk management has become increasingly politicized and contentious. Polarized views, controversy, and conflict have become pervasive. Research has begun to provide a new perspective on this problem by demonstrating the ...
  • Science, values, and risk 

    Kunreuther, Howard; Slovic, Paul (1996)
  • Perception of Risk From Radiation 

    Slovic, Paul (1996)
    Perceptions of risk from radiation have been studied systematically for about 20 years. This paper summarises the key findings and conclusions from this research with regard to the nature of risk perceptions, the impacts ...
  • Evaluating chemical risks: Results of a survey of the British Toxicology Society 

    Slovic, Paul; Malmfors, Torbjorn; Mertz, C. K.; Neil, Nancy; Purchase, I. F. H. (1996)
    1. Members of the British Toxicology Society participated in a survey to determine their attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions regarding risks from chemicals. Similar surveys had previously been conducted with toxicologists ...
  • Health risk perception in Canada II: Worldviews, attitudes and opinions 

    Krewski, Daniel; Slovic, Paul; Flynn, James; Mertz, C.K. (1995)
    In this article, we present the results of a national survey of 1500 Canadians on their attitudes and opinions about health risks. Ratings of perceived risk, sources of information on health risks and responsibility for ...
  • "Improving" risk communication and risk management: Legislated solutions or legislated disasters? 

    Slovic, Paul; Johnson, Branden B. (1994)
    Recently Congress has been moving to enact legislation that enhances the role of risk analysis in policy-making. The various risk-benefit analyses, risk comparisons, and risk characterizations mandated by the bills under ...
  • Stigma happens: Social problems in the siting of nuclear-waste facilities 

    Slovic, Paul; Flynn, James; Gregory, Robin (1994)
    The paper by Metz challenges the view that stigma associated with a nuclear waste repository might lead to significant economic losses to the host region. We have been invited to comment on the general issues raised by ...
  • Intuitive toxicology II: Expert and lay judgments of chemical risks in Canada 

    Slovic, Paul; Malmfors, Torbjorn; Krewski, Daniel; Mertz, C. K.; Neil, Nancy; Bartlett, Sheryl (1995)
    This study is a replication and extension in Canada of a previous study in the United States in which toxicologists and members of the public were surveyed to determine their attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions regarding ...
  • The construction of preference 

    Slovic, Paul (1995)
    One of the main themes that has emerged from behavioral decision research during the past two decades is the view that people's preferences are often constructed--not merely revealed--in the process of elicitation. This ...
  • Gender, Race, and Perception of Environmental Health Risks 

    Flynn, James; Slovic, Paul; Mertz, C. K. (1994)
    This paper reports the results of a national survey in which perceptions of environmental health risks were measured for 1275 white and 214 nonwhite persons. The results showed that white women perceived risks to be much ...

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