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  • Phillips, Chris; Lynch, Lucy; Harris, Nicole; Marks, Heath; Brennan, Joni; Flanagan, Heather; Harding, Ann; Wierenga, Klaas (2017-05)
    Education and research institutions around the world are facing significant resource challenges that impact their ability to offer a modern collaborative environment. Campus infrastructure, from the network (both wired ...
  • Butler, Jane; Pietrosemoli, Ermanno; Zennaro, Marco; Fonda, Carlo; Okay, Stephen; Aichele, Corinna "Elektra"; Buettrich, Sebastian; Forster, Jim; Wierenga, Klaas; Vyncke, Eric; Baikie, Bruce; Hosman, Laura; Ginguld, Michael; Togo, Emmanuel; The Open Technology Institute; Atzori, Paolo; Flickenger, Rob; Drewett, Laura M.; Escuerdo-Pascual, Alberto; Berthilson, Louise; Howard, Ian; Johnston, Kyle; Krag, Tomas; Kupfermann, Gina; Messer, Adam; Neumann, Juergen; Renet, Frédéric (2013-02)
    Many designations used by manufacturers and vendors to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this book, and the authors were aware of a trademark claim, the designations ...

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