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  • Wayte, Larry (University of Oregon, 2023-05-15)
    The history of music is closely linked to the history of copyright law. This book explores how the law shaped music and the music industry. From church and court patronage in pre-19th Century Europe, to the effects of ...
  • Carroll, Anna; Wakefield, Eleanor (Open Oregon, 2019)
    This Open Educational Resource is a collection of texts and materials that team together students’ familiarity with sports and critical inquiry skills. The Politics of Sports has the potential to capture the interest of ...
  • Service, Allia; Vieger, Rayne (Pressbooks, 2023)
  • Rust, Stephen; Wilde, Jenée (2023-09-21)
    Science and Culture is a resource intended for college and secondary students to engage with scientific concepts, facts, and history as they relate to society in the United States and globally. The multimodality, diversity ...
  • Rudy, Paul Jr.; Rudy, Lynn Hay; Shanks, Alan; Butler, Barb (2013-03-12)
  • Schreiner, Jason (Open Oregon, 2021-12-16)
    Teaching about difference and power: a guide for instructors. Intended to help instructors teach United States: Difference, Inequality and Agency courses at the University of Oregon. The most up to date and interactive ...
  • Sheppard, Beth; Heitman, Char; Tasker, Thomas (University of Oregon, 2017)
    In this packet you will find stories, vocabulary lessons, grammar lessons, and writing assignments. We suggest that you work on one unit at a time. First, read the example stories. If possible, talk about the stories ...
  • Clevinger, Kara; Rust, Stephen (University of Oregon, 2022)
    Welcome to our creative commons OER (open educational resource) for Writing 121 at the University of Oregon. This resource is designed for students to be a zero-cost, high-quality guide to academic writing, with the goal ...

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