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    • 4th Grade: Improving Writing Skills 

      Rasmussen, Cheri (2009)
      The 4th grade teachers at CRE participated in the 6 + 1 Writing Traits workshop through out last year. Looking at the scores, there was improvement in the Exceeds/Meets category and a drop in the conditional category. ...
    • Improving Student Achievement in Writing at Lake Ridge Middle School 

      Flinn, Wes (2011)
      Goal: The average score of students, at grade 7, meeting state benchmarks in writing will increase by 5% annually as measured by the state writing assessment (OAKS); in addition students at all grade levels will engage in ...
    • SIP Goal: Implementation of a School-Wide Writing Plan 

      Kingery, Jamie (2009)
      At a school site following implementation of 6 Trait writing, teachers felt that students benefitted by the implemention but that there was also a need for supplemental materials and approaches to balance writing instruction.The ...