Sutherlin : Festival Grounds preliminary wetland delineation report

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Title: Sutherlin : Festival Grounds preliminary wetland delineation report
Author: Satre Associates; Sutherlin (Or.)
Abstract: The study area contains nine [discernible] features with varying degrees of connectivity to each other. These features are mapped and described as WL1 through WL9.... Findings are nearly consistent with the Sutherlin Local Wetlands Inventory data. Exceptions include some upland areas around the rodeo arena, the filled eastern edge of the study area near the ash woodland, and some subtle lowland concavities within old fill on soccer field. These areas were confirmed by presence or absence of hydrophytic vegetation and, more importantly, by hydric soil characteristics and direct observations of hydrology. [From the document]
Description: 108 pp. OCR, deskewing and bookmarks supplied by UO. Maps, tables, illus. Published March 10, 2008. Captured November 6, 2008.
Date: 2008-03-10

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