Madras : Comprehensive plan (1979)

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Title: Madras : Comprehensive plan (1979)
Author: Madras (Or.); Jefferson County (Or.); Tenneson Engineering Corp.
Abstract: The plan is divided into four basic elements. The first element, the Introduction, outlines the reasons for land use planning. the process by which it is done. and the Citizens' Involvement Program. The second element, the Inventories, describes the existing conditions concerning a variety of topics within the planning area. This section also attempts to identify future needs for the planning area and project future requirements. The third element identifies the goals and objectives of the plan. This element indicates what the City wishes to happen over the next two decades. The fourth element, the land use element, allocates the land resources of the planning area to specific types of land uses and designates the locations of these land uses on the Comprehensive Land Use Map. This element also contains the formal policy statements concerning future growth and improvements in the planning area. The last portion of this element contains the administrative provisions of the plan. The administrative provisions deal with the methods by which the plan is changed or modified. [From the Plan]
Description: 323 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Maps, tables. Appendices precede Plan as bound. Adopted June 17, 1979. Scanned by UO March, 2009.
Date: 1979-06-17

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