A comprehensive plan is a document stating the general, long-range policies that will govern a local community's future development. These plans are required of each city and county by Oregon legislation. They must include wide citizen participation, address 19 statewide planning goals, be officially adopted by the jurisdiction, receive approval by the Oregon Dept. of Land Conservation and Development, and be reviewed periodically.

Recent Submissions

  • Roseburg : Comprehensive plan (2006) 

    Roseburg (Or.); Roseburg (Or.). Dept. of Planning and Community Development (City of Roseburg (Or.), 2006-12-11)
    The Roseburg Urban Area Comprehensive Plan is a long-range general policy guide in which the City of Roseburg and Douglas County jointly set forth major policies concerning desirable future growth over the next two ...
  • Depoe Bay : Comprehensive plan (2002) 

    Depoe Bay (Or.) (City of Depoe Bay (Or.), 2002-12-03)
    Goals: 1. To identify activities of land use which have an effect on the public health, safety and welfare. 2. To ensure orderly and efficient growth. 3. To establish a land use planning process and policy framework ...
  • Portland : Comprehensive plan goals and policies (1979) 

    Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 1979-11)
    The purpose of the Proposed Comprehensive Plan is to provide a coordinated set of guidelines for decision making to guide the future growth and development of the city. Development of methods to implement these guidelines is ...
  • Adrian : Comprehensive plan (1978) 

    Adrian (Or.); Malheur County (Or.) (Malheur County (Or.), 1978-02)
    The policies outlined in the plan will be the guides for any change and development in the community and will serve as the base of any future city rules and ordinances. [From the Plan]
  • Durham : Comprehensive plan (1979) 

    Durham (Or.) (City of Durham (Or.), 1979-07-25)
  • Pilot Rock : Comprehensive plan (1979) 

    Pilot Rock (Or.); East Central Oregon Association of Counties; Umatilla County (Or.). Planning Dept. (City of Pilot Rock (Or.), 1979-02)
    The comprehensive plan is the public's conclusions about the development and conservation of the area, adopted by the appropriate City Councilor the County Commissioners, and agreed to by all affected governmental ...
  • Union : Comprehensive plan (1984) 

    Union (Or.); Jenkins, Hanley (City of Union (Or.), 1984-04-09)
    The City of Union's Land Use Plan is a public document prepared by the City Council with assistance and input from community residents. It provides long-range guidelines for decision-making with regard to: land ...
  • Toledo : Comprehensive plan (1982) 

    Toledo (Or.) (City of Toledo (Or.), 1982-10-01)
    It is projected that Toledo's population may more than double (to 8,106) by the year 2000. Adequately providing for urban growth at this rate will be a continual challenge to the City. Providing the full array of urban ...
  • Stayton : Comprehensive plan (1973) 

    Stayton (Or.); Marion County (Or.). Planning Dept.; Mid Willamette Valley Council of Governments (City of Stayton (Or.), 1973-05)
    The purpose of this document is to establish a guide for the growth and development of the Stayton community. The plans and policies contained within this document is in effect an adopted statement of public policy ...
  • Lincoln City : Comprehensive plan inventory (1984) 

    Lincoln City (Or.) (City of Lincoln City (Or.), 1984-01-23)
    To establish an Urban Growth Boundary, statewide planning goals require the review of seven factors or criteria.... The following is a factor by factor justification of Lincoln City's Urban Growth Boundary. [From the document]
  • Brownsville : Comprehensive plan (1980) 

    Brownsville (Or.) (City of Brownsville (Or.), 1980-05-19)
    The purpose of the Brownsville Comprehensive Plan is to provide a framework for the orderly and economic development and growth of the City of Brownsville. In the past four years, the citizens of Brownsville have shown ...
  • Lexington : Technical report : Comprehensive plan (1979) 

    Lexington (Or.); East Central Oregon Association of Counties; Umatilla County (Or.). Planning Dept. (City of Lexington (Or.), 1979-06)
    The comprehensive plan is the public's conclusions about the development and conservation of the area, adopted by the appropriate City Council or the County Commissioners, and agreed to by all affected governmental ...
  • Seneca : Comprehensive plan (1980) 

    Seneca (Or.); A.R. Dick Brown Planning Consultant; Lynn D. Steiger & Associates (City of Seneca (Or.), 1980-09)
    The overall purpose of the Plan is to attempt to describe a pathway into the future. It is more apparent now than ever before that the future will be as different from today as today is from yesterday. [From the Plan]
  • Klamath Falls : Comprehensive plan (1979) 

    Klamath Falls (Or.); Klamath Falls (Or.). Dept. of Planning; Klamath Consulting Services; HGE Engineers; Hopkins, Joseph; STR Engineers; BWR Associates; Powers, Peter (City of Klamath Falls (Or.), 1979-01-16)
    The Plan is designed as a framework for all decisions and actions relating to the community. and is intended to provide an adequate, factual base for such decisions and actions. The Plan includes: historical background ...
  • Island City : Comprehensive plan (1984) 

    Island City (Or.); Jenkins, Manley; Union County (Or.). Planning Dept. (City of Island City (Or.), 1984-05-14)
    The three basic purposes of this Plan are (1) to encourage desirable growth, (2) to accommodate anticipated development, and (3) to make provisions for those uses which may be needed by a community, but which may have ...
  • Gold Beach : Comprehensive plan (1982) 

    Gold Beach (Or.); CH2M Hill, inc. (City of Gold Beach (Or.), 1982-06-22)
    The Gold Beach Comprehensive Plan is divided in two sections. The inventory section which contains both natural resource inventories and socio-economic inventories, and the plan section which then relates this information ...
  • Salem : Salem area comprehensive plan (1973) 

    Salem (Or.); Mid Willamette Valley Council of Governments; Salem (Or.). Planning Dept. (Salem (Or.), 1973-08)
    This report is a general plan for land use and development in the Salem urban area. It includes a comprehensive land use plan which shows the location of the various land uses and their relationship to the arterial ...
  • Willamina : Planning atlas (1979) 

    Yamhill County (Or.). Planning Dept.; Willamina (Or.) (City of Willamina (Or.), 1979-05)
    The material in this Planning Atlas is a synthesis of the information gathered and discussed during the development of the Willamina Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The City's land use goals and policies, derived from this ...
  • Willamina : Comprehensive plan 

    Yamhill County (Or.). Planning Dept.; Willamina (Or.) (City of Willamina (Or.), 1979-05)
    Willamina's Natural Resources, Community Resources, and Community Development. The last section, Plan Implementation, discusses procedures for a variety of items. [From the Plan]
  • Willamina : Comprehensive plan (1979) 

    Willamina (Or.); Yamhill County (Or.); Yamhill County (Or.). Dept. of Planning and Development (City of Willamina (Or.), 1979-03)
    These goals and policies are intended to provide direction for future land use decisions in Willamina. The purpose of the goals and policies is to accommodate orderly growth and to maintain livability in Willamina. ...

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