Island City : Comprehensive plan (1984)

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Title: Island City : Comprehensive plan (1984)
Author: Island City (Or.); Jenkins, Manley; Union County (Or.). Planning Dept.
Abstract: The three basic purposes of this Plan are (1) to encourage desirable growth, (2) to accommodate anticipated development, and (3) to make provisions for those uses which may be needed by a community, but which may have undesirable characteristics such as noise, smoke, or odor. The Plan can be used to encourage desirable growth as it identifies those uses which are wanted, and provides areas for their development. Anticipated development, as projected in the plan, can be accommodated by constructing those road and utility improvements needed for development to be realized. The Plan has also attempted to provide for the location of those uses which may have undesirable characteristics, but are needed in the community. [From the Plan]
Description: 63 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Maps, tables, appendix. Scanned by UO from item HT168 .I85 I85 1984, June, 2009.
Date: 1984-05-14

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