Climate Responsive Earth-Sheltered Buildings

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Title: Climate Responsive Earth-Sheltered Buildings
Author: Brown, G. Z.; Novitski, B. J.
Abstract: An understanding of the impact of climate on the built environment can lead to the' design of more fuel-efficient buildings. The authors present a methodology for analyzing climate conditions in terms of the architectural response required for thermal comfort. They used hourly climate data for several locations, and from these data determined diurnal and seasonal climate patterns. Although climate varies widely in different locations, several patterns - such as cold morning, comfortable midday, cold night - are common throughout North America in different seasons. Through proper architectural and site treatment, buildings can be designed to accommodate these patterns, effectively increasing the amount of thermally comfortable time. The authors find that earth-sheltered buildings can be designed in response to dynamic climate conditions. In this way, the outside spaces associated with underground buildings as well as the inside spaces can also be designed for thermal comfort, thereby increasing the livable space of the buildings.
Description: 7 p.
Date: 1981-03

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