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  • Clinger, William D. (University of Oregon, 1990-06-05)
    Consider the problem of converting decimal scientific notation for a number into the best binary floating point approximation to that number, for some fixed precision. This problem cannot be solved using arithmetic of ...
  • Clinger, William D.; Rees, Jonathan (University of Oregon, 1991-01)
    This paper describes a modified form of Kohlbecker's algorithm for reliably hygienic (capture-free) macro expansion in block-structured languages, where macros are source-tos-ource transformations specified using a ...
  • Clinger, William D.; Rees, Jonathan (University of Oregon, 2004-10)
    The report gives a defining description of the programming language Scheme. Scheme is a statically scoped and properly tail-recursive dialect of the Lisp programming language invented by Guy Lewis Steele Jr. and Gerald Jay ...

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