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    • Albany : Central Albany revitalization area 

      Albany (Or.) (City of Albany (Or.), 2002-09)
      CARA Goal: To revitalize the Central Albany Revitalization Area by implementing the Town Center Plan developed through the Central Albany Land Use and Transportation Study (CALUTS) using a citizen-driven process. CARA ...
    • Albany : Strategic plan 

      Albany (Or.) (City of Albany (Or.), 2005-03-23)
      If our mission and vision statements are to have any meaning, they must be accompanied by deliberate planning efforts to move the organization and the community toward a desired future. This requires clearly defined ...
    • Albany : Update of economic opportunity analysis (2007) 

      Albany (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Winterbrook Planning (Firm) (City of Albany (Or.), 2007-09-16)
      This memorandum presents an update to Albany’s EOA. It includes the following sections: recent economic activity in Albany describes the employment trends, business activity, and potential growth industries in the City ...
    • Ashland : Economic opportunities analysis (2007) 

      ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Ashland (Or.) (City of Ashland (Or.), 2007-04)
      This report presents an Economic Opportunities Analysis (EOA) for the City of Ashland consistent with the requirements of statewide planning Goal 9 and the Goal 9 administrative rule (OAR 660-009). A goal of this project ...
    • Baker City/County : Strategic plan 

      Baker City (Or.); Baker County (Or.) (Baker City (Or.) and Baker County (Or.), 2004-12)
      The purpose of this document is to guide the activities of the Baker City/County Economic Development Council for the years of 2005 to 2007. The Plan should ensure that these activities are articulated to the residents ...
    • Beaverton : Strategic plan 

      Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2000-07)
      Maintaining a resilient economy requires planning. While we cannot always predict economic cycles, we know our economy will periodically experience downturns. The City of Beaverton seeks to minimize the impact of economic ...
    • Beaverton : Where are we going? (2005) 

      Beaverton (Or.); Toulan, Nohad A.; Martin, Sheila A. (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-06-02)
      What should Beaverton want? Vision: transportation; housing; education; employment; identity. Why Beaverton? Role in the Region [From the document]
    • Bend : Strategic plan 

      Bend (Or.) (City of Bend (Or.), 2007-10)
      The mission of Bend 2030 is to create a 25-year vision for the Bend community and a strategic action plan designed to achieve this vision over time. The overarching approach of Bend 2030 is to provide a framework that ...
    • Brookings : EOA preliminary results (2009) 

      ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Brookings (Or.) (City of Brookings (Or.), 2009-04-20)
      The City will need to offset future conversion of commercial land to residential land through the following methods: increasing land use efficiency (e.g., redevelopment); efficient use of opportunity sites; designate ...
    • City of Newberg economic opportunity analysis (2006) 

      Newberg (Or.) (City of Newberg (Or.), 2006-01-03)
      Given Newberg’s relatively close proximity to the Portland area’s employment centers, it is possible that the percentage of Newberg residents commuting outside of the community for work is higher that Yamhill County as a ...
    • Coburg : Urbanization study 

      Coburg (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd. (City of Coburg (Or.), 2004-04)
      The purpose of the Urbanization Study was to (1) evaluate growth forecasts, (2) inventory how much buildable land the City has, (3) identify housing needs, (4) identify economic development strategies, and (5) determine ...
    • Community outreach for the City of Eugene Diversity and Equity Strategic Plan 

      University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Johnson, Bethany; Stocker-West, Amanda; Fukahori, Sayaka; Scotten, Heather; McCown, Tony; Brass, Tim, 1984-; Varela, Larisa Martina; Palmer, Katherine; Flormoe, Lorna; MacKendrick, Katie; Tosuntikool, Neil (City of Eugene (Or.), 2008-09)
    • Corvallis : 2020 vision statement 

      Corvallis (Or.) (City of Corvallis (Or.), 1998)
      In preparing this document the mayor-appointed Vision Update Committee worked to reflect the consensus of citizen views. The illustrations designed especially for this document form a visual framework for the future ...
    • Cottage Grove : 2037 vision and action plan (2008) 

      Cottage Grove (Or.); Barney & Worth, Inc. (City of Cottage Grove (Or.), 2008-05)
      The action plan focuses on four main areas: Expanding and Integrating Community Networks, Enhancing Urban Places and Spaces, Investing in a Diverse and Sustainable Economy, and Preserving and Promoting Environmental ...
    • Cottage Grove : Economic opportunities analysis (2009) 

      Cottage Grove (Or.); Winterbrook Planning (Firm); ECO Northwest, Ltd. (City of Cottage Grove (Or.), 2009-03-21)
      Our research, and insights from the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), identified several distinct comparative advantages that are likely to attract a wide range of potential employment to Cottage Grove. [From the document]
    • Creswell : Economic opportunities analysis 

      Creswell (Or.); Lane Council of Governments (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd. (City of Creswell (Or.), 2005-03)
      This Creswell Economic Opportunities Analysis is designed to comply with Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goal 9....The Economic Opportunities Analysis reports our inventory of buildable non-residential land currently in ...
    • Creswell : North of Oregon Avenue study site economic opportunities (2009) 

      ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Creswell (Or.) (City of Creswell (Or.), 2009-05-21)
      This memorandum is one in a series of documents informing the Concept Plan for development in the area North of Oregon Avenue in Creswell, a project financed by a Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) grant from the ...
    • Creswell : Strategic plan 

      Creswell (Or.); Lane Council of Governments (Or.) (City of Creswell (Or.), 2004-08)
      Broad, general economic development-related goals and more specific economic development-related strategies include: 1. Support, enhance and manage existing business enterprises on both sides of the railroad and Interstate ...
    • The Dalles : Economic opportunities analysis (2007) 

      The Dalles (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd. (City of The Dalles (Or.), 2007-04)
      This report presents an economic opportunities analysis (EOA) for the City of The Dalles consistent with the requirements of statewide planning Goal 9 and the Goal 9 administrative rule (OAR 660-009) as revised in December ...
    • Damascus : Strategic plan 

      Damascus (Or.) (City of Damascus (Or.), 2007-05-07)
      This Plan will: give background information about the community to help set the stage for the planning process; discuss the current and predicted situations surrounding and infusing city government; identify the major ...