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    • Salem : North Downtown plan 

      Salem (Or.); Pacific Rim Resources, Inc.; Leland Consulting Group; StastnyBrun Architects; Kimley-Horn and Associates (City of Salem (Or.), 1997-07)
      Redevelopment of the North Downtown area presents an opportunity to expand and strengthen the central city and to build on the strength of the downtown, to continuing overall growth of the region, and efforts to redicover ...
    • Salem : West Salem community plan 

      Salem (Or.); Salem (Or.). Dept. of Community Development. Planning Division (City of Salem (Or.), 2004-04-07)
      At the time the West Salem Neighborhood Plan (PLAN) was adopted the City of Salem was undergoing review of its Comprehensive Plan. In a three-phrase process titled Salem Futures, extensive public involvement helped to ...
    • Salem : West Salem Gateway Area refinement plan 

      Salem (Or.); Satre Associates; ECO Northwest, Ltd.; PTV America; Salem (Or.). Urban Development Dept. (City of Salem (Or.), 2005-06-30)
      The West Salem Gateway Area Refinement Plan (Refinement Plan) provides background information and recommended policy direction for public and private decisions affecting the growth, development, redevelopment and ...
    • Sandy : Bornstedt Village specific area plan 

      Sandy (Or.); Otak, Inc. (City of Sandy (Or.), 2003-06-30)
      The Bornstedt Village Specific Area Plan is a guide to the transition of a 230-acre rural area to a walkable, complete neighborhood in Sandy, Oregon. The plan is intended to coordinate the separate actions of property ...
    • Sherwood : Adams Avenue North concept plan (2009) 

      Sherwood (Or.); Harper Houf Peterson Righellis; Cogan Owens Cogan (Firm); DKS Associates (City of Sherwood (Or.), 2009-04-06)
      The Adams Avenue North Concept Plan is a guide to development of 50 acres southeast of Highway 99W and north of Tualatin-Sherwood Road. Of this 50 acres, 33 acres was added to the regional urban growth boundary by Metro ...
    • Sherwood : Area 59 Neighborhood concept plan charette summary and presentation 

      Otak, Inc.; Sherwood (Or.) (City of Sherwood (Or.), 2005-07-26)
      Charrette Summary and Presentation to Sherwood Planning Commission Area 59 Citizen Advisory Committee. [From the document]
    • Sherwood : Brookman Addition concept plan report (2008) 

      Sherwood (Or.); Otak, Inc. (City of Sherwood (Or.), 2008-04-22)
      The Brookman Addition Concept Plan is a guide to the creation of a new 250-acre community in Sherwood. More specifically, it identifies the general location and intensity of future land uses, including medium-low to high ...
    • Sherwood : Southeast Sherwood master plan alternatives workshop (2005) 

      Sherwood (Or.) (City of Sherwood (Or.), 2005-11-30)
      Southeast Neighborhood Plan Goal: a well designed, coordinated development that has adequate infrastructure, transportation networks, and open space. [From the document]
    • Sherwood : Southern expansion concept plan (2000) 

      Sherwood (Or.); Westlake Consultants; DKS Associates; Leland Consulting Group (City of Sherwood (Or.), 2000-08-01)
      The purpose of the project was to develop a vision for future land use, transportation, utilities, and public services in the area. [From the Plan]
    • Silverton : Downtown master plan 

      Oregon. Dept. of Transportation; Otak, Inc.; DKS Associates; Silverton (Or.); Oregon. Dept. of Land Conservation and Development (City of Silverton (Or.), 2007-06)
      The Silverton Downtown Development Plan has been identified by policy makers, citizens and business groups as a critical piece of Silverton's long range planning efforts. The Plan was formulated to accompany the City ...
    • Springfield : Downtown plan (charrette) 

      Springfield (Or.); AIA Southwestern Oregon (City of Springfield (Or.), 2006-04-08)
      Among the expected products from the charrette were short-term and long term recommendations for Downtown revitalization that reflected the realities of the economy and social fabric of Downtown Springfield. These ...
    • Springfield : Downtown refinement plan 

      Springfield (Or.); Springfield (Or.). Planning and Development Dept. (City of Springfield (Or.), 2005)
      The Springfield Downtown Refinement Plan has been developed to provide goals and policies through which Downtown Springfield may become a more vital and attractive place to shop, conduct business, and recreate. Although ...
    • Springfield : Glenwood refinement plan 

      Springfield (Or.); Springfield (Or.). Development Services Dept.; Eugene (Or.). Planning and Development Dept.; Eugene (Or.). Public Works Dept.; Eugene (Or.). Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services; Eugene (Or.). Dept. of Public Safety (City of Springfield (Or.), 1999-11)
      The Glenwood Refinement Plan is intended to provide background information and policy direction for public and private decisions affecting the growth and development of the Glenwood area. The refinement plan will guide ...
    • Springfield : Glenwood riverfront development market feasibility analysis 

      Springfield (Or.); Leland Consulting Group (City of Springfield (Or.), 2007-06-25)
      The Glenwood Riverfront Development is envisioned to revitalize the Glenwood district with an urban mix of uses along the Willamette River. Fulfilling a long-standing community desire for revitalization, the mix of urban ...
    • Talent : Railroad District master plan 

      Talent (Or.); Siegel Planning Services (City of Talent (Or.), 2005-06)
      The Railroad District Master Plan is intended to guide future annexations, zoning, transportation improvements, and investments in parks, open space conservation, water, sanitary sewer, and storm water management. It is ...
    • Tigard : Development strategy for downtown Tigard 

      Tigard (Or.); Leland Consulting Group (City of Tigard (Or.), 2007-10)
      The primary purpose of this report is to identify a strategy to guide future development in Downtown Tigard and help the City and community partners achieve downtown planning goals and objectives set forth in the Tigard ...
    • Tigard : Downtown implementation strategy 

      Tigard (Or.) (City of Tigard (Or.), 2008-07)
      The Downtown Implementation Strategy is a document to guide the City's actions to translate the "vision" for downtown into a "reality." It incorporates the policy objectives of the Tigard Downtown Improvement Plan, ...
    • Tigard : Downtown improvement plan 

      Johnson Gardner; StastnyBrun Architects; Kittelson & Associates; Tigard (Or.); Parametrix, Inc. (City of Tigard (Or.), 2005-09-30)
      The overall goal of the TDIP is to design a Downtown neighborhoodâ ¦an â urban villageâ â ¦that integrates anticipated and desired changes into a clear and coherent strategy; preserves what is desirable in the area, ...
    • Troutdale : Town Center plan 

      Troutdale (Or.); SRI/Shapiro, Inc.; HNTB Companies; DKS Associates; Lennertz Coyle & Associates (City of Troutdale (Or.), 1998-02-10)
      The primary objective of the Troutdale Town Center Plan is to develop a strategy for new infill and redevelopment that will enable downtown Troutdale to thrive as a viable town center within the Portland region. [From the Plan]
    • Tualatin : Northwest Tualatin concept plan 

      Tualatin (Or.); Transportation and Growth Management Program (Or.); CH2M Hill, inc.; Kittelson & Associates; Tualatin (Or.). Community Development Dept. (City of Tualatin (Or.), 2005-03)
      The Northwest Tualatin Concept Plan (Concept Plan) is a guide for the industrial development of a 15-acre area at the northwestern corner of the City of Tualatin (City). The Concept Plan follows a December 2002 decision ...