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  • Salem (Or.) (City of Salem (Or.), 2006-07)
    The primary objectives of this Plan are to improve the overall appearance, condition, and function of the RDURA to encourage a variety of river-oriented uses, to sustain, and improve the economic vitality of the Central ...
  • Howard, Elaine; SERA Architects; Salem (Or.); Tashman Johnson LLC (City of Salem (Or.), 2007-03)
    In 2006, the City of Salem, Boise Cascade, and the Strategic Economic Development Corporation (SEDCOR) invited the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to convene an Advisory Services Program panel to evaluate development opportunities ...
  • SERA Architects; Howard, Elaine; Powell, Lane; Williams, Karen; Salem (Or.); Tashman Johnson LLC (City of Salem (Or.), 2007-09-04)
    The Plan will facilitate and encourage improvements in the Area, including changes to the transportation and pedestrian systems, extension of riverfront access, daylighting of Pringle Creek, additions to the pedestrian ...
  • Salem (Or.); Salem (Or.). Dept. of Community Development. Planning Division (City of Salem (Or.), 2004-04-07)
    At the time the West Salem Neighborhood Plan (PLAN) was adopted the City of Salem was undergoing review of its Comprehensive Plan. In a three-phrase process titled Salem Futures, extensive public involvement helped to ...
  • Salem (Or.); Satre Associates; ECO Northwest, Ltd.; PTV America; Salem (Or.). Urban Development Dept. (City of Salem (Or.), 2005-06-30)
    The West Salem Gateway Area Refinement Plan (Refinement Plan) provides background information and recommended policy direction for public and private decisions affecting the growth, development, redevelopment and ...
  • Winterowd Planning Services; Salem (Or.); Spencer & Kupper (City of Salem (Or.), 2001-08-27)
    The West Salem Urban Renewal Plan is a 453 acre Urban Renewal Plan for the City of Salem, Oregon. The Urban Renewal Area is located entirely within the incorporated City of Salem and consists of a single geographic area ...
  • Salem (Or.) (City of Salem (Or.), 1984-12-19)
    There are two primary reasons for the preparation and adoption of a Transportation Plan for the Salem-Keizer Urban Area: 1. The federal government requires (23 CFR Part 450) that an urban area prepare a transportation ...
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-01-17)
    To change the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan designation from "industrial" to "Industrial Commercial" and to change the zoning designation from IG (General Industrial) to IC (Industrial Commercial) for approximately 5 acres ...
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-01-17)
    Amendments to the Salem Revised Code Chapters 63 (Subdivision). 145 (RA Zoning District), and 146 (RS Zoning District), generally establishing a minimum lot size of 5.500 sguare feet for flag lots in partitions, establishing ...
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-01-31)
    To change the Comprehensive Plan designation from industrial to Single Family Residential for property .73 acres in size and located at 4990 Macleav Road SE.
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-02-14)
    Revised buffer yard requirements for multiple family development contained in SRC Chapter 132 (Landscaping) with necessary amendments to SRC Chapter 120 (Design Review) and SRC Chapter 148 (Multiple Family Residential) as ...
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-02-14)
    Amended Salem Revised Code Chapter 136. Chemawa'l-5 NE Quadrant Gateway Overlay Zone, removing the requirement for property within the overlay to be zoned IP (industrial Park) prior to development, removing the requirement ...
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-02-22)
    Amended the Salem Zoning Code to establish requirements for public school siting under the Fairview Mixed Use zone (SRC Chapter 143C).
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-02-22)
    Amended SRC 150.020(i)(8), to delete the restrictions on signage that is visible from outside the building for eating establishments in the CO (Commercial Office) zone.
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-03-03)
    Changed the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan designation from "Commercial General" to "Industrial Commercial" and changed the zoning from CG (Commercial General) to IC (Industrial Commercial) for property located at 2399 Salem ...
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-03-28)
    To update Salem Revised Code Chapter 140 (Flood plain Overlay Zones) to comply with the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-04-03)
    Amended Salem Revised Code Chapters 120,137. 138.143, and 148 to reflect the Creation of a new Historic Landmarks and Design Review Commission.
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-05-10)
    Amended Salem Zoning Code Chapter 158 allowing membership organizations (SIC No. 86) as a permitted use in the IG (General Industrial) zone.
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-06-12)
    To change the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan Map designation from "Single Family Residential" to "Multifamilv Residential" and change the zoning from RS (Single Family Residential) to RM1 (Multiple Family Residential! for ...
  • Salem (Or.) (Salem, 2006-06-12)
    To change the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan Map designation from "Industrial" to "Industrial Commercial" with a concurrent zone change from 1BC (Industrial Business Campus) to IC (Industrial Commercial) for approximately ...

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