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  • Corvallis (Or.); Satre Associates; Corvallis (Or.). Parks and Recreation Dept. (City of Corvallis (Or.), 2004-09-31)
    The City of Corvallis contracted with Satre Associates, P.C. to prepare a plan for recreation services in Corvallis. Reductions in financial resources over the last five years combined with a growing and dynamic demand for ...
  • Satre Associates; Sutherlin (Or.) (City of Sutherlin (Or.), 2008-03-10)
    The study area contains nine [discernible] features with varying degrees of connectivity to each other. These features are mapped and described as WL1 through WL9.... Findings are nearly consistent with the Sutherlin ...
  • Sutherlin (Or.); Satre Associates (City of Sutherlin (Or.), 2005-06-13)
    While Sutherlin has several parks within or near the community, the park system does not currently meet minimum recommended standards regarding the provision of parks and open spaces. Objectives for the Parks and Open ...

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