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  • Culbertson, Carolyn Sue, 1982- (University of Oregon, 2010-06)
    This dissertation develops an interpretation of Martin Heidegger's philosophical project in On the Way to Language and some of his earlier works that pave the way for this text and offers criticism of Heidegger's project ...
  • Burke, Megan (University of Oregon, 2015-08-18)
    This dissertation examines how gender and temporality are co-constitutive of one another and what temporalities underlie the actuality of gendered life. I weave together the insights of feminist phenomenology and feminist ...
  • Newton, Margaret (University of Oregon, 2022-05-10)
    Our experiences of place and emplacement are so fundamental to our everyday existence that most of us rarely dedicate much time to thinking about how place and emplacement impact the various aspects of our daily lives. In ...
  • Banerjee, Amrita, 1979- (University of Oregon, 2011-06)
    As an increasing number of differentially situated women implicated within the global economy continue to come into contact with each other, a host of opportunities and challenges are inaugurated for feminist praxes across ...
  • Hayes, Shannon (University of Oregon, 2019-09-18)
    In this dissertation I develop a philosophical account of melancholy as a productive, creative, and politically significant affect. Despite the longstanding association of melancholy with the creativity and productivity ...

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