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  • Tavenner, R. W. (University of Oregon, 1924-07)
    This thesis lies within the extra-curricular activity field, and deals with the problem of its control. It is generally conceded that the government of this phase of school work can well be done, in part at least, by the ...
  • Hoffman, H. H. (University of Oregon, 1910)
    An efficient system of public instruction must take into account the mental, moral, and physical differences of children. These differences are far more pronounced than one who has not investigated the subject would believe. ...
  • Wold, P. I. (1902)
    This study was carried on chiefly to find in what manner the candle-power of an incandescent lamp varies with the voltage at the terminals of the lamp.
  • Klink, Chester A. (University of Oregon, 1934-07)
    A technical high school in a best modern sense of the term may be said to be characterized by (1) the academic subjects of the traditional high school – English, mathematics, science, history, civics, and economies, with ...
  • Hamill, Robert M. (University of Oregon, 1934-08)
    In attempting this survey the idea has been not only to discuss the present situation in Portland from a vocational viewpoint but also to give the present situation a proper setting in the general field of education. A ...
  • Mangavil y Ramos, Florendo (University of Oregon, 1933-03-10)
    The victory of Admiral Dewey over the Spanish squadron on that memorable battle of Manila Bay on May 1, 1898 ended the despotism and tyranny of Spain over the people of the Philippine Islands; and, at the same time ushered ...

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