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  • Robles, Kelly E.; Roberts, Michelle; Viengkham, Catherine; Smith, Julian H.; Rowland, Conor; Moslehi, Saba; Stadlober, Sabrina; Lesjak, Anastasija; Lesjak, Martin; Taylor, Richard P.; Spehar, Branka; Sereno, Margaret (Frontiers in Psychology, 2021-08-17)
    Highly prevalent in nature, fractal patterns possess self-similar components that repeat at varying size scales. The perceptual experience of human-made environments can be impacted with inclusion of these natural patterns. ...
  • Robles, Kelly E.; Bies, A. J.; Lazarides, S.; Sereno, Margaret (Nature Communications, 2022-09)
    Accurate shape perception is critical for object perception, identification, manipulation, and recreation. Humans are capable of making judgements of both objective (physical) and projective (retinal) shape. Objective ...
  • Robles, Kelly E.; Liaw, Nicole A.; Taylor, Richard P.; Baldwin, Dare A.; Sereno, Margaret (Nature Communications, 2020-11)
    Fractal patterns that repeat at varying size scales comprise natural environments and are also present in artistic works deemed to be highly aesthetic. Observers’ aesthetic preferences vary in relation to fractal complexity. ...

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