Recent Submissions

  • Wallowa County Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-05-17) 

    Wallowa County (Wallowa County, 2007-05-17)
  • Wallowa County : Wallowa Lake Basin comprehensive plan technical supplement (1973) 

    Wallowa County (Or.); Stevens, Thompson & Runyan (Wallowa County (Or.), 1973-05)
    This technical supplement is intended to supply additional data which was not possible to present in the primary publication of the Comprehensive Plan, since that presentation was designed for the purpose of general public ...
  • Wallowa County : Wallowa Lake Basin comprehensive plan (1973) 

    Wallowa County (Or.); Stevens, Thompson & Runyan (Wallowa County (Or.), 1973-05)
    The basic goal of the study is to provide an environmental protection plan for the Wallowa Lake Basin. This will be facilitated through three general tasks: 1. Development of a land use plan, 2. Development of a water ...
  • Wallowa County : Salmon habitat recovery plan with multi-species habitat strategy 

    Wallowa County (Or.); Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho (Wallowa County (Or.), 1999-09)
    This document sets forth a plan to restore and maintain habitat for chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) and, potentially, other salmonid fish in Wallowa County, Oregon. The goals for salmon recovery are to provide ...
  • Wallowa County : Transportation system plan 

    Wallowa County (Or.) (Wallowa County (Or.), 2001-07-02)
    The Wallowa County Transportation System Plan (TSP) guides the management of existing transportation facilities and the design and implementation of future facilities for the next 20 years. This Transportation System ...
  • Wallowa County : Community wildfire protection plan 

    Wallowa County (Or.) (Wallowa County (Or.), 2006-03-24)
    This plan contains information to assist landowners and homeowners in developing strategies that address protection from wildfire. Also, citizens within WUI areas are encouraged to work with land managers to address ...
  • Wallowa County : comprehensive plan 

    Wallowa County (Or.); Wallowa County (Or.). Planning Dept. (Wallowa County (Or.), 2003-06-16)
    Wallowa County long-range planning includes preparation and maintenance of plan map and related goals, policies, and background information (essentially this document), which can be used as a guideline for land conservation ...