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  • Lakey, Holly (University of Oregon, 2016-10-27)
    This analysis explores the reflection of semantic features of emotion verbs that are metaphorized on the morphosyntactic level in constructions that express these emotions. This dissertation shows how the avoidance or ...
  • Pucilowski, Anna (University of Oregon, 2013-10-03)
    Ho, an under-documented North Munda language of India, is known for its complex verb forms. This dissertation focuses on analysis of several features of those complex verbs, using data from original fieldwork undertaken ...
  • Tribur, Zoe (University of Oregon, 2020-02-27)
    This dissertation describes the functional and structural properties of the Amdo Tibetan verb system. Amdo Tibetan (Tibetic, Trans-Himalayan) is a verb-final language, characterized by an elaborate system of post-verbal ...

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