Recent Submissions

  • Housing the Homeless: Mapping the Design Process of Service-enriched Housing 

    Sturlaugson, Brent (2008-06)
    The homeless demographic fluctuates in response to economic, political, social, and environmental upsets. As the climate of uncontrollable conditions changes, so does the population of those with inadequate shelter. ...
  • Illustrasia 

    Sturlaugson, Brent (2008-06)
    Within the confines of static, two-dimensional representation, sensory tools are limited to visual cues, thus demanding the maximum output of symbols. Combining words and images taps multiple perception levels in the ...
  • Porous Places: Imaginative Architectures of Embodied Experience 

    Moore, Joseph (2007-05-31)
    A contemporary understanding of embodied human thought processes leads to an awareness that experience is primarily imaginative and context-dependent. Place, as an imaginative experience, is therefore characterized as ...