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  • Tied Threads 

    Lu, Peiyue (University of Oregon, 2019-03)
    Tied Threads is an interactive composition for two Gametrak controllers and Symbolic Sound’s Kyma. The title of the piece reflects two layers of meanings: first, the performance actions of the piece concentrated on pulling ...
  • Environmental Living in Postwar Honolulu: Harry W. Seckel's Woodlawn Terrace Subdivision 

    Englund, Lauren (2019-03)
    "The modern Hawaiian house," Harry W. Seckel, FAIA (1906-1978) asserted in Hawaiian Residential Architecture, "should be one that is as one with its immediate environment as possible." Published in 1954, the Honolulu ...
  • After Lithium: Reclamation Strategies for Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia 

    Rayle, Derek (2018-06-18)
    This project uses interview responses from local, impacted people to explore the future landscape of the Lithium Pilot Plant in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, as its development responds to the rise and fall of global lithium ...
  • Artwork as a Service: Lessons and Best Practices From Service-Based Businesses 

    Berman, Daniel (University of Oregon, 2018)
    Smartphones and social media have driven the popularity of photography to an all-time high. In addition to being popular, photography is big business and operates within a crowded and competitive market. To find success ...
  • Best Practices to Obtain and Maintain PCI Compliance 

    Blackwell, Jennifer (University of Oregon, 2018)
    PCI developed security standards to guide merchants in ensuring sensitive cardholder data is protected. However, data breaches continue, affecting the data of billions of customers and negatively affecting revenue and ...
  • Optimizing Recovery of Critical Systems Through Replication to the Cloud 

    Gillin, Barry (University of Oregon, 2018)
    This annotated bibliography addresses the business requirements for disaster recovery planning in order to avoid the loss of critical data and provide business continuance with a focus on replicating critical data using ...
  • Best Practices for Implementing a Hybrid Project Management Methodology 

    Hillaire, Olivia (University of Oregon, 2018)
    Best practices in implementing a hybrid project management methodology that will align stakeholders with differing project approaches were gathered from scholarly literature from 2005 to 2018. Project managers, directors, ...
  • Augmenting Workplace Wellness Programs with Biometric Monitoring 

    Miller, Jason (University of Oregon, 2018)
    This annotated bibliography contains recent research describing the practices, policies, risks, and results regarding employer-sponsored wellness programs in the United States that are increasingly augmented with biometric ...
  • Strategies and Barriers in Implementing Emergency Response on Social Media for the Washington Air National Guard 

    Smith, Donald (University of Oregon, 2018)
    This study explores the barriers and best practices for consideration by the Washington Air National Guard for the implementation of a social media program for use before, during and after crises within the state of ...
  • Best Practices in IoT Implementations at Small Commercial Service Airports 

    Stephens, Cathryn (University of Oregon, 2018)
    The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the passenger experience and operational efficiencies at commercial service airports. Strategies and tactics employed to implement IoT infrastructure have direct impacts on ...
  • Messiaen’s 8 Préludes: The Origins Of a Style 

    Moreira, Eduardo (University of Oregon, 2018-06)
  • Nationalism in Two Works by Edmundo Villani-Côrtes,” 

    Camelo Borba, Ednaldo (University of Oregon, 2018-11)
    The present document explores two works by Brazilian composer Edmundo Villani-Côrtes - his Série Brasileira Op. 8 and Cinco Miniaturas Brasileiras – and discusses their relationship with nationalism, raising the question ...
  • Best Practices for Large- Scale Agile Transformations 

    Wright, Del (University of Oregon, 2018)
    Agile software development methods were originally designed for small, individual team projects, but have shown potential benefits for larger projects and organizations as well. Concerns exist, however, regarding scalability ...
  • Fuji Athletics 

    Perez, Irving (2018)
    My mission is to bring the cultural identity to the forefront of performance innovation by redesigning Portland's Fuji Athletic Club's iconic baseball uniform to fit the 21st century. This project celebrates this ...
  • Mercury: Men's Active Commuter Pack 

    McGrath, Drew (2018)
  • Jam: Heritage Streetball Meets Modern Craft 

    Tollette, Garrett (2018)
    Streetball shoes, that are a reconnection to the purity of the game in its natural state.
  • Bien Dans Sa Peau 

    Winkler, Jacob (2018)
    Bien Dans Sa Peau is a sophisticated sportswear line for women aged 60+. It creates an aesthetic that would be equally comfortable on different ages & body types.
  • Divide: Urban Cycling Collection 

    Whitfield, Kodi (2018)
    Mission: Create a collection of apparel for urban cyclists that overthrows the divide. Expressive street style punctuated through function.
  • Frequency 

    Hill, Alex (2018-06-12)
    My objective is to develop a methodology to translate & incorporate biomechanical data & foot physiology into the creative process through algorithmic design to produce a new method for footwear design.
  • A path more traveled: A case for increased active recreation opportunities in Oregon’s small communities 

    Willeke, Jamie (2018-08-25)
    Physical activity is a main component of preventing and controlling chronic diseases associated with sedentary lifestyles. When built environments are developed to prioritize vehicle transportation, coupled with increased ...

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