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  • Frankowski, Alfred (University of Oregon, 2012)
    The Cassandra Complex is a work in the traditions of critical philosophy and psychoanalysis. In The Cassandra Complex, I examine the intersection of violence, racism, and mourning. I hold that analysis of this intersection ...
  • Chen, Yannleon (University of Oregon, 2013-10-03)
    Representations of the reasons and actions of terrorists have appeared in German literature tracing back to the age of Sturm und Drang of the 18th century, most notably in Heinrich von Kleist's Michael Kohlhaas and Friedrich ...
  • Hayes, Shannon (University of Oregon, 2019-09-18)
    In this dissertation I develop a philosophical account of melancholy as a productive, creative, and politically significant affect. Despite the longstanding association of melancholy with the creativity and productivity ...
  • Zikpi, Monica (University of Oregon, 2014-09-29)
    This dissertation is a history of interpretation and interlinear commentary translation of the "Li Sao," an allegorical poem attributed to the late Warring States (475-221 BCE) poet Qu Yuan. I argue that the significance ...

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