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  • Carroll, Anna; Wakefield, Eleanor (Open Oregon, 2019)
    This Open Educational Resource is a collection of texts and materials that team together students’ familiarity with sports and critical inquiry skills. The Politics of Sports has the potential to capture the interest of ...
  • Service, Allia; Vieger, Rayne (Pressbooks, 2023)
  • Rust, Stephen; Wilde, Jenée (2023-09-21)
    Science and Culture is a resource intended for college and secondary students to engage with scientific concepts, facts, and history as they relate to society in the United States and globally. The multimodality, diversity ...
  • Rudy, Paul Jr.; Rudy, Lynn Hay; Shanks, Alan; Butler, Barbara A. (2013-03-12)
  • Schreiner, Jason (Open Oregon, 2021-12-16)
    Teaching about difference and power: a guide for instructors. Intended to help instructors teach United States: Difference, Inequality and Agency courses at the University of Oregon. The most up to date and interactive ...
  • Sheppard, Beth; Heitman, Char; Tasker, Thomas (University of Oregon, 2017)
    In this packet you will find stories, vocabulary lessons, grammar lessons, and writing assignments. We suggest that you work on one unit at a time. First, read the example stories. If possible, talk about the stories ...
  • Clevinger, Kara; Rust, Stephen (University of Oregon, 2022)
    Welcome to our creative commons OER (open educational resource) for Writing 121 at the University of Oregon. This resource is designed for students to be a zero-cost, high-quality guide to academic writing, with the goal ...

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