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    • Regional parks and recreation facilities plan : needs and opportunities (1975) 

      Salem (Or.); Polk County (Or.); Marion County (Or.); Regional Park and Recreation Agency (Or.) (Regional Park and Recreation Agency of the Mid-Willamette Valley (Salem, Or.), 1975-05)
      The purpose of this work effort is to prepare an effective plan and program to guide the Regional Parks and Recreation Agency in meeting the Parks and Recreation needs of the citizens of Marion and Polk Counties and the ...
    • Eugene : Evaluation report of the 2000 transportation plan 

      Eugene (Or.); Springfield (Or.); Lane Council of Governments (Or.); Lane County (Or.) (Lane Council of Governments (Or.), 1984-05)
      The purpose of the Evaluation Report is threefold. It is designed to: 1) document progress made on the T-2000 Plan's projects and policies during the last five years; 2) evaluate the T-2000 Plan using the most recent ...
    • Tri-Met : Milwaukie corridor (1984) 

      Metropolitan Service District (Or.); Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon, 1984-10)
      This is ... a series of working papers used to document results of the Milwaukie portion of the Regional LRT System Plan. [From the document]
    • Metro : regional economic model (1998) 

      Metro (Or.); Yee, Dennis (Metro (Or.), 1998-05)
      This paper describes Metro’s regional model and presents the empirical estimates and some results from our study. It is shown that the Metro model contains reasonable parameter estimates and produces forecast estimates ...
    • Port of Portland : Report on industrial lands focus groups 

      Davis & Hibbitts, Inc.; Portland General Electric; Commercial Real Estate Economic Coalition; Columbia River Economic Development Council; Portland Development Commission; Oregon. Dept. of Economic Development; Port of Portland (Or.) (Port of Portland (Or.), 1998-07-15)
      Davis & Hibbitts, Inc. (DHI) is pleased to present a summary of key points based on focus group research conducted for a consortium of organizations working on a regional industrial lands strategy. The purpose of the ...
    • Metro : 1999 employment density study and ZELDA frequently asked questions 

      Metro (Or.); Yee, Dennis (Metro (Or.), 1999-04-06)
      [T]he Employment Density Study: update[s] and determine[s] current job density parameters; provide[s] current observed findings of FARs and building densities which could be used to populate ZELDA; offer[s] a basis or ...
    • Port of Portland : Portland International Airport master plan summary report (2000) 

      Port of Portland (Or.); P&D Aviation; Century West Engineering Corporation; David Evans and Associates; DKS Associates; Synergy Consultants; Unison Consulting Group; Fletcher Farr Ayotte (Port of Portland (Or.), 2000-09)
      The objective of the Airport Master Plan is to provide a 20-year road-map for improvements at the Airport. The recommended development must satisfy aviation demand, yet be compatible with the environment, community ...
    • RVTD park-and-ride feasibility/location study (2001) 

      Rogue Valley Transportation District; Rogue Valley Council of Governments; Anderson, Craig (Rogue Valley Council of Governments, 2001-01)
      This study was undertaken with the purpose of: 1) determining whether park-and-ride facilities are feasible within RVTD's service area; and 2) identifying suitable locations for the development of park-and-ride facilities, ...
    • Metro : Alternative futures for transportation and land use (2001) 

      Metro (Or.); Conder, Sandy; Lawton, Keith (Metro (Or.), 2001-07)
      Our primary objective in this paper is to illustrate the differences in policy sensitive output between existing "Trend-Delphi" methods of land use and transportation modeling and integrated land use and transportation ...
    • Rogue Valley Metropolitan Area : Citizen's guide to transportation planning (2001) 

      Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization; Rogue Valley Council of Governments (Rogue Valley Council of Governments, 2001-11-07)
      This document is intended to provide an overview of the regional transportation planning process in order to improve citizen awareness and promote citizen involvement. There are a variety of opportunities for public ...
    • Metro : Economic report to the Metro Council (2002) 

      Metro (Or.) (Metro (Or.), 2002-09)
      The basis for future land need and demand is derived from a regional forecast of employment and household change. The regional forecast is, in part, the supporting evidence for Metro's UGB decision which is due to be ...
    • Tri-Met : Bus stops guidelines 2002 

      Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon; Tri-Met (Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon, 2002-10)
      The guidelines identify and encourage partnerships with the community and property owners. Tri-Met is working with communities to improve access to bus stops, including sidewalks, safe street crossings, accessible curb ...
    • Port of Coos Bay : Airport master plan (2002) 

      Port of Coos Bay (Or.); Benkendorf Associates; Landrum & Brown; Coffman Associates; W&H Pacific; Richard Turi Architecture & Planning (Port of Coos Bay (Or.), 2002-11)
      The master plan consists of eight different chapters, as follows: executive summary; inventory; forecasts; facility requirements; airport alternatives; terminal siting/alternatives; financial plan; airport plans. ...
    • Crater Lake Highway transportation and land use study : Integrating land use & transportation in the Highway 62 corridor : North Medford - White City (2003) 

      Rogue Valley Council of Governments; Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization; Medford (Or.); Jackson County (Or.); Rogue Valley Transportation District; Oregon. Dept. of Environmental Quality; Oregon. Dept. of Transportation (Rogue Valley Council of Governments, 2003-06)
      The study succeeded in bringing to the forefront the concept of integrating land use and transportation planning to optimize the utility of a proposed expressway between Medford and White City. Through the study process, ...
    • Port of Portland : Portland International Airport bicycle and pedestrian plan (2003) 

      Port of Portland (Or.) (Port of Portland (Or.), 2003-10)
      This plan is intended to address bicycle and pedestrian facility and circulation needs on the landside of Portland International Airport (PDX) property. [From the Plan]
    • Port of Portland : The economic impacts of the value added regional distribution industry in the Portland area (2003) 

      Port of Portland (Or.); Martin Associates (Port of Portland (Or.), 2003-10-23)
      In addition to the quantification of the economic impacts and the linkages to the local economic sectors, the scope of analysis also includes a narrative of the distribution industry serving the Portland region, as well ...
    • Metro : Trolley Trail master plan (2004) 

      Metro (Or.); North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District; Metro (Or.). Regional Parks and Greenspaces Dept.; Adolfson Associates; JD White (Firm) (Metro (Or.), 2004-01)
      The proposed Trolley Trail will run along a historic corridor once used by a streetcar line that operated between Portland and Oregon City.... acquired a 6-mile stretch of the historic rail corridor between downtown ...
    • Transportation Safety Planning Project 

      Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization; Rogue Valley Council of Governments (Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization, 2004-04-23)
      This document serves as the final report on the Safety Prioritization Project, Project No. J9.04.54.02C. For this project, the Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (RVMPO) utilized grants funds from the ODOT ...
    • Freight study : Phase III report (2004) 

      Rogue Valley Council of Governments; Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (Rogue Valley Council of Governments, 2004-06-22)
      The purpose of RVCOG's Freight Study, Phase III is fourfold: to address the freight-related needs of the new communities added to the MPO Ashland, Talent, Eagle Point, White City and Jacksonville -- by identifying roadway ...
    • Regional ITS operations & implementation plan for the Rogue Valley metropolitan area (2004) 

      DKS Associates; Castle Rock Consultants; Jackson County (Or.); Medford (Or.); Rogue Valley Council of Governments; Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization; Rogue Valley Transit District; Southern Oregon Regional Communications (Rogue Valley Council of Governments, 2004-07)
      The main goal of the inventory is to establish the baseline conditions in the study area that will be used for building an intelligent transportation system based on regional transportation user needs. [From the document]