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  • Retallack, Greg J. (2016-11-21)
    Data collected in several areas of Kenya with Cenozoic deposits well known for fossil mammals, including islands and shores of Lake Victoria, the central and southern Gregory Rift, and the basin of Lake Turkana. Data are ...
  • Retallack, Greg J. (2011)
    Data on depth to calcic horizon in paleosols of the northern Appalachians for tetrapod bones and trackways, as well as fossil tree remains. These data were collected to establish a paleoclimatic time series for Devonian ...
  • Hopkins, Samantha (2010-09-29)
    Athough over a hundred species of fossil aplodontoids have been described since the extant species, Aplodontia rufa (the mountain beaver), was first described by Rafinesque in 1817, a thorough survey of the relationships ...
  • Broz, Adrian; Retallack, Gregory J.; Maxwell, Toby M.; Silva, Lucas C. R. (Nature Research, 2021-01-12)
    The drying power of air, or vapour pressure deficit (VPD), is an important measurement of potential plant stress and productivity. Estimates of VPD values of the past are integral for understanding the link between rising ...
  • Volkov, Igor; Tovo, Anna; Anfodillo, Tommaso; Rinaldo, Andrea; Maritan, Amos; Banavar, Jayanth R. (Oxford Academic, 2022-03-10)
    We demonstrate that when power scaling occurs for an individual tree and in a forest, there is great resulting simplicity notwithstanding the underlying complexity characterizing the system over many size scales. Our scaling ...

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