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    • Activity Center Identification in Medford, OR 

      Griepenburg, Bjorn; Yang, Yizhao (University of Oregon, 2014)
      The City of Medford seeks to identify activity centers to achieve an array of policy goals, including those that foster nodal development, increase residential density, and encourage alternate forms of transportation. ...
    • Adaptive Reuse A Public Safety Facility for Redmond Police 

      Tran, Katrina; Moore, Joe (2016)
      This report summarizes the design proposals for an adaptive reuse public safety facility in Redmond, Oregon. The building is currently a National Guard training facility, but it is likely to be sold in the near future. ...
    • Advancing Sustainability by Fostering Civic Engagement 

      Nelson, Jonathan; Stavitsky, Al (University of Oregon, 2010)
      Sustainability is a fairly understandable concept when dealing with concrete examples. Buildings and urban planning can reach sustainable standards by conserving energy, efficiently handling waste or encouraging residents ...
    • Albany Water Avenue Corridor Revitalization: Challenges and Opportunities 

      Johnduff, Michael; Margerum, Rich; Parker, Robert; Rosenburg, Stacy (University of Oregon, 2016)
      The City of Albany partnered with the Planning, Public Policy, and Management Department through the Sustainable City Year Program to help the city generate ideas for ac va ng the Water Street corridor and to consider its ...
    • An Analysis of the City of Medford’s Parks & Recreation Department 

      Boyer, Coleman (University of Oregon, 2014)
    • Assessing the Potential for Nonprofit Organizations in Redmond, Oregon 

      Hussein-Wetzel, Deqah; Mason, Dyana (2016)
      Professor Dyana Mason’s Nonprofit Consultancy class worked in four groups to provide nonprofit advice to Redmond community members and city staff in four separate subject-areas. Students assessed the feasibility of ...
    • Bicycle Transportation 

      Welch, Monica; Schlossberg, Marc (University of Oregon, 2010)
      The proposals reviewed in this document were generated as a result of collaboration between the City of Salem and the University of Oregon Sustainable Cities Initiative. Fifty-one students in a Planning, Public Policy, ...
    • Bike the Hub: Creating a Family-Friendly Bike System in Redmond 

      Montzka, Dianna; Nicolello, Bree; Vollstedt, Anya; Tejedas, Hope; Schlossberg, Marc (2015)
      This report documents the ideas, methodologies, and proposals produced by students of the Bicycle Transportation class for the City of Redmond, Oregon. Project members visualized a family-friendly bicycle network that ...
    • Bike Walk Roll Public relations Campaign 

      Andrus, Olivia; Babb, Emory; Ganim, Megan; Hopp, Quinn; Lopez, Pablo; Tilby, Caitlin (2016)
      Students in professor Margy Parker journalism class developed a short-term, mid-term, and long-term recommendations to promote biking, walking, and rolling in Redmond.
    • Booth-Kelly Mixed-Use District 

      Pecenka, Jennifer; Muller, Brook; Asnis, Marc; Beamer, Mike; Biniaris, Aliki; Bonnett, Erik; Bryant, Hannah; Cavin, Laura; Cohen, Daniele; Day, Emi; Ferrell, Heather; Gibbons, Shane; Hybel, Kimberly; Kelsey, Kristin; Rosenthal, Alex; Skoog, Courtney; Young, Kevin (University of Oregon, 2012)
      Graduate and undergraduate architecture students in Professor Brook Muller’s terminal studio during winter and spring terms of 2012 examined potential redevelopment scenarios for the Booth-Kelly site, located in ...
    • Brownfields/Green Neighborhoods: Integrating Riverfront Park with Pringle Creek 

      Costic, Alexandra; Ochs, Kelsey; Thoren, Roxi (University of Oregon, 2010)
      University of Oregon students in a combined architecture and landscape architecture studio worked together to research and develop ideas for integrating Riverfront Park with Pringle Creek and for the redevelopment of ...
    • A Budgeting Analysis of a Proposed Special District 

      Austin, Ellie R.; Lewis, Rebecca (2015)
      Students in the graduate level Public Budget Administration course within the department of Planning, Public Policy, and Management at the University of Oregon examined the viability of an Economic Improvement or ...
    • Business Medical District Economic Improvement District, Redmond 

      Zlevor, Kelsey; Lewis, Rebecca (2015)
      Students in the graduate level Public Budget Administration course within the department of Planning, Public Policy and Management (PPPM) at the University of Oregon (UO) were tasked with examining the viability of ...
    • Cartographic Visualization of Parks, Trails, and Recreation Centers in Albany, Oregon 

      Miley, Emily; Meacham, James; Hendricks, Lauren (University of Oregon, 2017)
      In order to aid the City of Albany’s Park and Recreation Department (P&R) in the creation and visualization of their 2017 P&R Master Plan and to help serve the growing population, Albany partnered with the Sustainable City ...
    • City of Gresham: Program for a New City Hall 

      Holverstott, Brett; von Bargen, Jean E. (University of Oregon, 2009)
      As a programming class we were charged with developing a comprehensive program for a new Gresham City Hall building. We started initially researching the city of Gresham by examining past articles about the challenges the ...
    • City of Redmond Community Engagement Plan 

      Hawley, Erica; Dionísio, Wendy Ames (2016)
      Over the course of 10 weeks, students in Public Relations Campaigns (J454) at the University of Oregon collaborated with City of Redmond officials and staff to identify goals, objectives, target audiences, strategies, ...
    • City of Tigard: Funding Options for Park Maintenance 

      Ruggeri, Laura; Reeder, Michael (University of Oregon, 2015)
      In November 2010, voters in the City of Tigard passed a $17 million bond to fund parks acquisition and development. The bond, Measure 34-181, did not fund park maintenance, however, and the City of Tigard now needs to ...
    • City Wayfinding Report: Springfield, Oregon 

      Self, Jennifer; Lugo, Jason; Meharg, Emily; Sercombe, William; Steiner, Bethany; Steiner, Erik (University of Oregon, 2012)
      The purpose of the this project is to analyze the City of Springfield’s existing wayfinding system and provide an action plan for its improvement. This action plan will serve as a “recipe” to guide the City of Springfield ...
    • Civic Engagement Strategies for The City of Redmond 

      Salvey, Lydia; Remund, David (2015)
      The City of Redmond worked with public relation students at the University of Oregon to find solutions for increasing civic engagement. The following pages include recommendations culled from eight different plans developed ...
    • Communication Plan for Albany Parks & Recreation Strategic Planning and Cases 

      Rasubala, Rian; Matthews, Kelli (University of Oregon, 2017)
      The City of Albany’s Parks & Recrea on Department (P&R) worked with public rela ons students at the University of Oregon to nd solu ons to increase community engagement and improve trust among Albany residents. The following ...