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    • The Poetics of Modern Masculinity in Sixteenth-Century Spain 

      Middlebrook, Leah (Center for Renaissance and Reformation Studies U Toronto, 2010)
      For many writers, politicians and courtiers in early modern Spain, to raise the topic of poetry was to raise the topic of masculinity. In Spain, the sixteenth century marks a particular threshold – we might consider it the ...
    • "From Musaeus to Parnassus: Poetry, Modernity and Method in the Seventeenth Century" 

      Middlebrook, Leah (Calíope: Journal of the Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry, 2013)
      The narrative of a “new” mindset that dispenses with the mythopoetic in favor of the intellect is a foundational myth of modernity. Perhaps that is not surprising, given the powerful constitutive role which moderns attribute ...
    • Review - Huir Procuro el Encarecimiento 

      Middlebrook, Leah (Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 2014)
      Review of a collection of essays on the important sixteenth-century Spanish poet, translator and aristocrat Hernando de Acuña