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    • The Renaissance Academies between Science and the Humanities 

      McNeely, Ian F. (2006-06-25)
      A synthetic analysis of the academies of the Renaissance and early modern periods, emphasizing their importance as an alternative to the European university and as a bridge between the "two cultures" of science and the humanities.
    • German History and World History ca. 1800 

      McNeely, Ian F. (2006-10-17)
      Conference paper for a panel on the German Sattelzeit (period around 1800) arguing that German historians should embrace the methods and concerns of world historians and laying out possible research agendas that would result.
    • Mapping the Crisis of the Third Century 

      Nicols, John (Brill, 2007)
    • Patrons of Roman Cities--database 

      Nicols, John (2007-08-20)
      This is a collection of epigraphically attested civic patrons known from the late Roman Republic through the mid-3rd Century AD.
    • Studies in Roman Civic Patronage 

      Nicols, John (2013-07-18)
      This is a companion archive to Civic Patronage in the Roman Empire, published by Brill in the fall of 2013. The contents include: low resolution images of the most important inscriptions; supplementary studies in civic ...