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  • Harris, Joëlle; Arroyo, John; Sandoval, Gerard; Knudson, Kaarin (University of Oregon, 2021)
    Recent economic investment of some of the largest companies in the US make Hermiston the fastest growing city in Eastern Oregon. As a result, Hermiston is experiencing rapid change in population growth and urbanization of ...
  • Costie, Daniel Paul (University of Oregon, 2022)
    This report discusses the Asset-based Community Development project conducted between March 1st and May 30th, 2022 in Hermiston, Oregon. The purpose of the three- phase project is to better understand the city’s assets as ...
  • Kataoka, Natalie; Lewis, Rebecca (University of Oregon, 2021)
    This report evaluates alternatives to fund a new area Health, Wellness, and Aquatic Center located in the city of Hermiston. Funding options that students evaluated included: • Create a special park and recreation district • ...
  • Stephens, Ric (University of Oregon, 2022)
    How can cities become more sustainable, resilient, and regenerative? This question is the foundation for studies in the“Green Cities”course that examines the history and future of the interface between urban growth and ...
  • McCullough, Sarah-Mae; DeVigal, Andrew (University of Oregon, 2022)
    The goal of this report is to understand the existing information ecosystem in Hermiston and Hermiston residents’ information needs. Recommendations emphasize how the City of Hermiston and other local entities can improve ...
  • Sam, Evin; Miranda, Gee Ann; Orozco, Omar; Siebenthaler, Arthur; Alghanim, Khaled; Kristof, Evan (University of Oregon, 2022)
    The City of Hermiston is a growing town located in the northeast part of Oregon. In the early 2000s, Hermiston had a population of about 13,000 people. With more homes and schools under construction, the town expects to ...

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