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    • Estimating The Knowledge-Capital Model of the Multinational Enterprise: Comment 

      Blonigen, Bruce A. (Bruce Aloysius); Davies, Ronald B.; Head, Keith (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2002-03-01)
      No abstract was submitted.
    • Fragmentation of Headquarter Services and FDI 

      Davies, Ronald B. (University of Oregon, Dept of Economics, 2003-09)
      I develop a simple model in which production of skill-intensive headquarter services are fragmented across borders in order to take advantage of complementarities between types of skilled labor. This setting indicates that ...
    • Gradualism in Tax Treaties with Irreversible Foreign Direct Investment 

      Chisik, Richard; Davies, Ronald B. (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2000-06-01)
      Bilateral international tax treaties govern the host country taxation for the vast majority of the world’s foreign direct investment (FDI). Of particular interest is the fact that the tax rates used under these treaties ...
    • Hunting High and Low for Vertical FDI 

      Davies, Ronald B. (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2002-08-01)
      Recently the two dominant models of foreign direct investment (FDI), the horizontal and vertical models, have been synthesized into the knowledge capital (KK) model. Empirical tests, however, have found that the horizontal ...
    • The OECD Model Tax Treaty: Tax Competition and Two-Way Capital 

      Davies, Ronald B. (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2002-01-01)
      Model tax treaties do not require tax rate coordination, but do call for either credits or exemptions when calculating a multinational’s domestic taxes. This contradicts recent models with a single capital exporter where ...
    • State Tax Competition for Foreign Direct Investment: A Winnable War? 

      Davies, Ronald B. (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2000-05-01)
      When a multinational firm invests in a country, potential host states compete for the firm by offering firm-specific tax reductions. Critics blast such incentives as a prisoner’s dilemma that transfers rents to the firm ...
    • Tax Treaties, Renegotiations, and Foreign Direct Investment 

      Davies, Ronald B. (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2003-06-10)
      Bilateral tax treaties are an important method of international tax cooperation. I survey the existing literature on these agreements, highlighting the differences between the standard view that treaties increase foreign ...