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  • Johnson, Miriam M.; Stockard, Jean; Acker, Joan; Naffziger, Claudeen (Academic Press, 1975-08)
    Whether one envisions a socially androgynous world as an eminent disaster or a desirable long-term goal, it is clear that men and women do differ and have always differed cross-culturally and historically in their roles, ...
  • Stockard, Jean; Acker, Joan; Johnson, Miriam M. (University of Oregon, 1976)
    New feminist ideologies have recently emerged to challenge again traditional notions about the proper place of women. "Women's liberation" is now receiving serious attention from many quarters, and both men's and women's ...
  • Stockard, Jean; Johnson, Miriam M.; Williams, Suzanne; Gill, Sandra (Springer, 1987-10)
    This paper calls for a new approach to the measurement of gender similarities and differences in personality. Critiques of current measures that are based on the measurement of stereotypical masculinity and femininity are ...
  • Johnson, Miriam M.; Stockard, Jean (University of Oregon, 1976)
    Data from a large sample of high school women are compared with data from college women from diverse institutions with respect to findings concerning parental influences on the sex typing of their daughter's occupational ...
  • Stockard, Jean; Johnson, Miriam M. (1982)
    The sample includes all juniors and seniors in Sweet Home High School who were present in the required social studies classes on the day the questionnaires were distributed in the spring of 1982. The questionnaires were ...
  • Johnson, Miriam M.; Stockard, Jean; Rothbart, Mary K.; Friedman, Lisa (Springer, 1981)
    In an attempt to clarify the relation between parental variables, sexual preference, and sex-role attitudes, three groups of women were studied: lesbian feminists, heterosexual feminists, and heterosexual traditional ...
  • Stockard, Jean; Johnson, Miriam M. (Springer, 1979)
    Writings in psychoanalytic theory and social science that discuss the basis of men's motive to dominate women are reviewed. Both men's fear and envy of women and men's tenuous masculine identity arise from the exclusive ...
  • Stockard, Jean; Johnson, Miriam M. (University of Oregon, 1973)
    Copy of measure designed to assess self-views thought to differ between men and women. Title page includes short explanation and citations for related articles.

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