Willamina, Oregon Planning Documents


Recent Submissions

  • Willamina (Or.) (City of Willamina, 2014-06-20)
  • Willamina (Or.) (City of Willamina, 2014-02-20)
  • Willamina (Or.) (Willamina, 2010-02-05)
  • Willamina (Or.) (Willamina, 2008-06-16)
  • Yamhill County (Or.). Planning Dept.; Willamina (Or.) (City of Willamina (Or.), 1979-05)
    The material in this Planning Atlas is a synthesis of the information gathered and discussed during the development of the Willamina Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The City's land use goals and policies, derived from this ...
  • Yamhill County (Or.). Planning Dept.; Willamina (Or.) (City of Willamina (Or.), 1979-05)
    Willamina's Natural Resources, Community Resources, and Community Development. The last section, Plan Implementation, discusses procedures for a variety of items. [From the Plan]
  • Willamina (Or.); Yamhill County (Or.); Yamhill County (Or.). Dept. of Planning and Development (City of Willamina (Or.), 1979-03)
    These goals and policies are intended to provide direction for future land use decisions in Willamina. The purpose of the goals and policies is to accommodate orderly growth and to maintain livability in Willamina. ...
  • Willamina (Or.) (City of Willamina (Or.), 1998-08)
    The Willamina TSP includes the following: transportation goals, policies, and objectives; a determination of transportation needs; a street plan for arterials and collectors and standards for the layout of local streets ...