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  • Hanmer, Janel; Dewitt, Barry; Yu, Lan; Tsevat, Joel; Roberts, Mark; Revicki, Dennis; Pilkonis, Paul A.; Hess, Rachel; Hays, Ron D.; Fischhoff, Baruch; Feeny, David; Condon, David; Cella, David (Public Library of Science, 2018-07-31)
    Objectives The PROMIS-Preference (PROPr) score is a recently developed summary score for the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS). PROPr is a preference-based scoring system for seven PROMIS ...
  • Cronin, Robert M.; Jerome, Rebecca N.; Mapes, Brandy; Andrade, Regina; Johnston, Rebecca; Ayala, Jennifer; Schlundt, David; Bonnet, Kemberlee; Kripalani, Sunil; Goggins, Kathryn; Wallston, Kenneth A.; Couper, Mick P.; Ellitt, Michael R.; Harris, Paul; Begale, Mark; Munoz, Fatima; Lopez-Class, Maria; Cella, David; Condon, David; AuYoung, Mona; Mazor, Kathleen M.; Mikita, Steve; Manganiello, Michael; Borselli, Nicholas; Fowler, Stephanie; Rutter, Joni L.; Denny, Joshua C.; Karlson, Elizabeth W.; Ahmedani, Brian K.; O'Donnell, Chris (Epidemiology, 2019-07)
    Background: The All of Us Research Program is building a national longitudinal cohort and collecting data from multiple information sources (e.g., biospecimens, electronic health records, and mobile/wearable technologies) ...

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