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  • Klassen, Sarah; Evans, Damian H.; Ortman, Scott; Stark, Miriam T.; Loyless, Alyssa A.; Polkinghorne, Martin; Heng, Piphal; Hill, Michael; Wijker, Pelle; Niles-Weed, Jonathan; Marriner, Gary P.; Pottier, Christophe; Fletcher, Roland J.; Carter, Alison Kyra (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2021-05-07)
    Angkor is one of the world’s largest premodern settlement complexes (9th to 15th centuries CE), but to date, no comprehensive demographic study has been completed, and key aspects of its population and demographic history ...
  • Carter, Alison Kyra; Klassen, Sarah; Stark, Miriam T.; Polkinghorne, Martin; Heng, Piphal; Evans, Damian; Chhay, Rachna (Elsevier, 2021-09)
    The vast agro-urban settlements that developed in the humid tropics of Mesoamerica and Asia contained both elite civic-ceremonial spaces and sprawling metropolitan areas. Recent studies have suggested that both local ...

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