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  • Jost, P. C.; Griffith, O. H.; Capaldi, R. A.; Vanderkooi, G. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 1973-02)
    ABSTH\OT (Mochromc oxidase (EC isolated from hccf-hcarl mitochondria with an appropriate phospholipid content forms vesicular structures. Lipid-protein interactions in this model membrane system were studied ...
  • Jost, P. C.; Capaldi, R. A.; Vanderkooi, G.; Griffith, O. H. (Journal of Supramolecular Structure, 1973)
    Two lipid environments are dete cted in membranous cyto chrome oxidase , using spin labeling techniques. This model membrane system consists of closed vesicular membranes formed spontaneou sly when the mem hr,jlne protein ...

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