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  • Angel, Lydia Gilbert (University of Oregon, 2020)
    The Klamath River Basin (KRB) is a community located in southern Oregon and norther California that relies heavily on the water from the Klamath River to sustain a number of different lifestyles. These stakeholder groups ...
  • Watanabe, Yuko (University of Oregon, 2006-04)
  • Rees, Ashley A. (University of Oregon, 2007-05)
    This thesis examines the reasons that consociational theory has been unable to unite Iraq's disparate religious and ethnic communities and prevent sectarian violence. It describes, analyzes and applies Arend Lijphart's ...
  • Spaventa, Kathryn (2007-06-29)
    Boys are assumed to be more reluctant to disclose sexual abuse than girls but empirical evidence is lacking. Previous qualitative research by Alaggia (2005) suggests that typical nondisclosure reasons for women are related ...
  • Fong, Valerie Wai Hin (University of Oregon, 1979-05)
    As Palme notes , there is not a "problem of women ' s role in society" but a sex-role problem because the roles of men and women are interdependent . Because we live in a market economy, where goods are often valued on the ...
  • Ly, Alicia (University of Oregon, 2015-06)
    Xylaria is a genus of Ascomycete fungi that is comprised of an estimated 400 species. These species are important to the ecosystems in which they inhabit, because they contribute to the decomposition of wood, which ...

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