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    • Baker City : Comprehensive plan (1978) 

      Baker (Or.) (City of Baker (Or.), 1978-12)
      This is the City of Baker's Comprehensive Plan, replacing an earlier plan adopted in 1966. The basic purpose of this plan is to establish cohesive policies for managing existing resources and guiding the future development ...
    • Bandon : Comprehensive plan 

      Bandon (Or.); Bandon (Or.). Planning Dept. (City of Bandon (Or.), 2002)
      The following documents are the completed chapters of the comprehensive plan periodic review. CHAPTER INDEX; CHAPTER 1 - - - - CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT; CHAPTER 3 - SECTION 1 - - - SCENIC RESOURCES; CHAPTER 8 - - - - ...
    • Bandon : Comprehensive plan (1974) 

      Bandon (Or.) (City of Bandon (Or.), 1974-07)
      The Bandon 1990 Comprehensive Plan is a long-range plan to aid the orderly future growth and development of the Bandon area with respect to land use, public facilities (including traffic circulation) and housing. The ...
    • Barlow : Comprehensive plan (1978) 

      Gonzalez, J. Stefan; Barlow (Or.); Gonzalez, Kristina (City of Barlow (Or.), 1978-10-29)
      The Barlow Comprehensive Plan is divided into three sections: (1) Background information, including inventories identifying problems, policy alternatives, and findings of fact; (2) Policies and Methods of Implementation ...
    • Bay City : Comprehensive plan 

      Bay City (Or.) (City of Bay City (Or.), 1997)
      It is the purpose of the Comprehensive Plan to provide the City with a guide to future growth in accordance with the desires of the citizens of the town. A Comprehensive Plan is "a generalized, coordinated land use map and ...
    • Beaverton : Comprehensive plan 

      Beaverton (Or.); Beaverton (Or.). Community Development Dept. (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2004)
      The Comprehensive Plan is the official long-range land use policy document for the City of Beaverton. It provides a framework for the decision making process and is a means of directing community efforts towards sound ...
    • Beaverton : Comprehensive plan (2007) 

      Beaverton (Or.); DKS Associates (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2007-01-05)
      The Comprehensive Plan is the official long-range land use policy document for the City of Beaverton. It provides a framework for the decision making process and is a means of directing community efforts towards sound ...
    • Bend area : Comprehensive plan 

      Bend (Or.); Bend (Or.). Community Development Dept. Planning Division; Deschutes County (Or.). Community Development Dept. (City of Bend (Or.) and Deschutes County (Or.), 1998-11-02)
    • Boardman : Comprehensive plan 

      Boardman (Or.) (City of Boardman (Or.), 2003-04-10)
      The City's Comprehensive Plan and Land Use regulations were adopted on March 16, 1976. Subsequent to that date, the City's plan and development ordinances were acknowledged to be in compliance with the Oregon Statewide ...
    • Brookings : Comprehensive plan 

      Brookings (Or.) (City of Brookings (Or.), 1995)
      The Comprehensive Plan will be thoroughly reviewed and necessary alterations made every two (2) years. The Committee for Citizen Involvement and staff will prepare an initial review for presentation to the Planning Commission, ...
    • Brownsville : Comprehensive plan (1980) 

      Brownsville (Or.) (City of Brownsville (Or.), 1980-05-19)
      The purpose of the Brownsville Comprehensive Plan is to provide a framework for the orderly and economic development and growth of the City of Brownsville. In the past four years, the citizens of Brownsville have shown ...
    • Canby : Comprehensive plan 

      Canby (Or.); Canby (Or.). Planning Dept. (City of Canby (Or.), 2007-01)
      This is the Comprehensive Plan of the City of Canby. It represents a major step in a planning process which began in 1973. It is not a final step, by any means, but a major step in that this document will be the guiding ...
    • Cannon Beach : Comprehensive plan 

      Cannon Beach (Or.) (City of Cannon Beach (Or.), 2004-11)
      The Comprehensive Plan can be viewed as a constitution for the development of the City. All actions such as zoning, subdivision, construction, sewer and water extensions, or annexation must be in conformance with the Plan. ...
    • Canyonville : Comprehensive plan (1973) 

      Canyonville (Or.) (City of Canyonville (Or.), 1973-06)
      The plan describes the intentions of the City of Canyonville's elected and appointed Officials with respect to future development. The plan is organized in ten sections: history; study area; topography and soils; ...
    • Carlton : Comprehensive plan 

      Carlton (Or.). Dept. of Planning; Carlton (Or.) (City of Carlton (Or.), 1978-12-14)
      These goals and policies represent the basis of the City of Carlton's Comprehensive Land Use Plan. They provide the direction which the governing bodies of the community will follow in directing future growth within ...
    • Carlton : Planning atlas 

      Yamhill County (Or.); Carlton (Or.) (City of Carlton (Or.), 1979-05)
      The material in this Planning Atlas is a synthesis of the information gathered and discussed during the development of the Carlton Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The goals and policies derived from this material are found ...
    • Central Point : Comprehensive plan (1973) 

      Jackson County (Or.). Planning Dept.; Rogue Valley Council of Governments; Weaver, Curtis D.; Central Point (Or.) (City of Central Point (Or.), 1973-06-26)
      Plan document contains four elements; Land Use, Housing, Transportation and Community Facilities. The Goals and Policies element is interwoven within each of the above elements. The first three chapters contain background ...
    • Chiloquin : Comprehensive plan 

      Chiloquin (Or.); Lynn D. Steiger & Associates (City of Chiloquin (Or.), 1980-05-12)
      This Comprehensive Plan isa public document prepared by the City, assisted by the Planning Commission and community residents. It provides long-range guidelines for decision-making with regard to land-use suitablility, ...
    • Clatskanie : Comprehensive plan (1978) 

      Clatskanie (Or.); Sherman and Associates (City of Clatskanie (Or.), 1978-07)
      Goal: To provide opportunity for all citizens to be involved in all phases of the planning process and to aggressively encourage citizen participation in the conduct of governmental planning and operations. [From the Plan]
    • Coburg : Comprehensive plan 

      Coburg (Or.) (City of Coburg (Or.), 2005-09-20)
      The Coburg Comprehensive Plan, originally acknowledged by the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) in 1982, is the official long-range general plan (public policy document) of the City of Coburg. Its ...