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  • Anderson, Claire (University of Oregon, 2021)
  • Thompson, Kayla (2019)
  • Stoll, Tyler (2022-06)
    This text focuses on the relationship between my thesis exhibition and a manifesto I have written, both of which are titled "the future is flaccid." The manifesto proposes “flaccidity” as a radical embodiment and tool to ...
  • Walot, Doran (University of Oregon, 2020)
  • Hughes, Laura B. (University of Oregon, 2018)
  • Lichucki, Caroline (2022)
    My practice finds roots that extend towards the transient, the mundane, and the chthonic. I am informed by my training in traditional forms of drawing, painting, and sculpture. This foundation lays the framework for images ...
  • Lopez, Daniel P. (2016)
    The weirdest part about being done with this report is that I can’t just tell people “Sorry, I’m working on my thesis right now.” It’s good to have it completed, but now I worry that I won’t have any good excuses for being ...
  • Turner, Caroline (University of Oregon, 2021)
    Hinterland is a proposition; a speculative state of being - a conspiracy. It is an arch, a gate, and a portal; congealing time and collapsing itself into the present. A hinterland is typically thought of as the less ...
  • Brennan, Lily Wai (University of Oregon, 2023-06)
    How does one hide from the world when you walk through it observed like an animal in a zoo? Meandering through a childhood sited in a rural, conservative, white community, I was continuously faced with nonconsensual moments ...
  • Christy, Matt (University of Oregon, 2015)
    When I went to church with my family my mother would sit me down on the floor and I could look underneath the long row of pews and see all the peoples legs. My friends and I had different rules down there. We could draw ...
  • Reckling, Tannon (University of Oregon, 2021-06)
  • Couch, Chelsea (2017)
    This paper explores the complexities of presenting an image of the body as well as a representation of the bodily event. Central to this inquiry is an examination of the subject/object relationship (the perception of self ...
  • Moignard, Neal (2019)
    A description of the intellectual process and cultural influences of 11 artworks produced at the University of Oregon in 2019.
  • Linn, Ronald (2017)
    I am of the practice of trying, often failing. My practice attempts to navigate the territories between dichotomies of text/image, image/object, meditation and direct experience, interior and exterior space. I am ...
  • Heinitz, Krista (2016)
    The work in my thesis exhibition acts as an installation of multiple sculptural works that engage each other in conversation through repetition of specific formal and conceptual elements. The concept of repetition is ...
  • Ise 
    Joshlin, Steven (2016)
    A few years ago I had a dream that I was riding a school bus. As it carried us across the countryside, we came upon an old bridge. As the bus went to cross, it went out of control and broke through the tenuous wooden ...
  • Campbell, Andrew Douglas (2017-06-28)
    Outlined here is a trajectory of research into the relationship between identity and narrative, with a particular focus on how that relationship subverts the boundary between mainstream and margin. Drawing on a Lacanian ...
  • Talaei, Elnaz (University of Oregon, 2020)
  • Siscoe, Brandon (University of Oregon, 2015)
    The work in my thesis exhibition exists as a sculpture of fragments. This work is a fluid definition of sculpture that understands itself not as a self-enclosed complete form, but as a flat ontology of object relationships ...
  • Molloy, Ian Sherlock (University of Oregon, 2021)

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