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  • Moursund, David G. (D. Moursund, 2005-06-01)
    The focus in this book is on two aspects of improving our educational system: 1. Improving the quality of education that K-12 students are receiving. 2. Improving the professional lives of teachers and other educators. This ...
  • Moursund, David G. (D. Moursund, 1983)
    It is generally agreed that all students should become computer literate, but no definition of computer literacy has gained widespread acceptance. This booklet defines computer literacy in a manner that can guide educators ...
  • Moursund, David G. (D. Moursund, 2005-01)
    This booklet has two purposes: 1. To acquaint educational policy' makers with some of the current roles and potential applications of computers in the curriculum. 2. To encourage educational policy makers to initiate ...
  • Moursund, David G. (D. Moursund, 2006-07-06)
    There is a huge amount of literature available on the Web about the topic of games in education. However, most of it is testimonial, rather than solid research. As I was writing my book, I spent a lot of time reading and ...
  • Moursund, David G. (D. Moursund, 2005-01)
    January 2005 reprint of Dave Moursund’s 1980 booklet. This booklet is written for preservice and inservice elementary school teachers. Thus we will assume that you fall into one of those categories and speak directly to ...
  • Moursund, David G. (International Society for Technology in Education, 1992)
    This book is for people who are currently TCs, or who are thinking about obtaining one of these positions. It is also for school administrators who are exploring the possibility of creating TC positions and hiring TCs. ...

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